Red Band VP Pendulum Concrete Pokers

Red Band VP mechanical pendulum vibrating concrete pokers are designed to be used in conjunction with a PDU (Power/Poker Drive Unit) with a compatible Two-DOG (bow tie) industry standard drive.

They are engineered for demanding use in tough site conditions and are ideal for both rental and contractor use alike, providing an efficient means of effective air removal form newly poured concrete. Given their use in combination with a portable and fully self-contained PDU they can easily be moved around site from pour to pour as required and are ideal for use on virgin sites and in remote locations.

Unlike some competitor models, the VP pokers are supplied with a 6m flexible shaft as standard, rather than a shorter 4 or 5m length supplied by others. This provides greater versatility on the jobsite and makes them suitable for deeper concrete pours too.

VP - 26 & 60mm diameter poker heads. 6m flexible shaft.

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Head Diameter 26mm/1" 60mm/2.5"
Head Length 423mm 600mm
Shaft Length 6m 6m
Weight 17kg 23.9kg
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Red Band VP flexible pendulum poker shaft assemblies feature a durable drive coupling design which enables quick and easy connection and disconnection without the need for tools, making them easy to transport, store and manually handle. They are engineered to withstand heavy site use and tough working conditions and feature metal banding straps at either end of the poker shaft for increased durability.

The poker heads themselves are designed to produce the correct balance between amplitude and frequency for optimum working performance, whilst the ergonomic design and use of high-quality, durable materials throughout contribute to an extended product service life.