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Husqvarna Vari-Grind G620 Series Diamond Grinding Blocks - Soft Bond

£122.40 Exc. VAT
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Husqvarna Vari-Grind G640 Series Diamond Grinding Blocks - Medium Bond

£122.40 Exc. VAT
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Husqvarna Vari-Grind G670 Series Diamond Grinding Blocks - Hard Bond

£122.40 Exc. VAT
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Husqvarna Piranha PCD Diamond Grinding Block (3pcs)

From £181.44
From £151.20 Exc. VAT
RRP From £493.20 Inc. VAT
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Husqvarna Sharx Grinding Block (3pcs)

From £146.88
From £122.40 Exc. VAT
RRP From £244.80 Inc. VAT
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Husqvarna CP1200 Dry Ceramic Polishing Pads

£88.00 Exc. VAT
RRP £177.60 Inc. VAT
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Husqvarna P1200 Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

£29.40 Exc. VAT
RRP £58.80 Inc. VAT

Husqvarna Metal-Bonded Diamond Blocks

As with their other diamond products, Husqvarna’s tiered system provides a choice based on differing factors of performance and value. Vari-Grind blocks represent the silver rating, which has a different denomination of diamonds to allow more initial value. Vari-Grind blocks are at a lower price point but still have pro level performance.

The diamond pieces are much more hard-wearing than the metal block and base plate, therefore they are configured precisely according to the optimum grinding result.

Grinding Block Product Codes

You can use this guide to determine which grinding blocks you need.

Vari-Grind: Example G624D

Performance Bond/Application Grit Size Segment
6: Vari-Grind 2: Soft tool for hard surface grinding 2: 16 Grit S: Single
4: Medium tool for medium concrete 3: 20 Grit D: Double
7: Hard tool for soft and abrasive concrete 4: 30 Grit T: Triple
5: 50 Grit
6: 100 Grit

Grinding materials

There is a grinding block for every job, whether you are grinding resins and adhesives or different grades of uncoated concrete. To see which blocks are best for which material please see Husqvarna’s Grinding Tools Guide.


Husqvarna diamond grinding blocks use the Redi-Lock® system, which is a tool-less method of attaching and removing diamond tools onto the holder disc.

As well as being able to go to site without tools, this also means a quicker changing of grinding blocks. With two or three passes with a grinding machine often required, the user would need to switch blocks after each pass. For example, creating a Hiperfloor Premium finish would require a set of 20 grit, 60 grit then 120 grit metal-bonded grinding blocks.

Redi-Lock is a robust system which is designed for easy administration whilst maintaining the strength and integrity of the diamond tooling.

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