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Husqvarna battery powered garden tools include hand held products such as chainsaws, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers and garden blowers; as well as larger machines such as lawn mowers and cultivators.

The advantages of battery powered products over traditional fuelled models include lower noise, zero emissions, lower maintenance and running costs and a safer working environment.

Battery Compatibility

Husqvarna battery powered garden tools are compatible with Husqvarna batteries such as BLi10, BLi20, BLi30, BLi100, BLi200 and BLi300. These can be charged using Husqvarna quick chargers including the QC80, QC330 and QC500.

To find the full compatibility list for the Husqvarna battery series, please see our battery and charger guide. This shows the operation time for each combination of machine and battery, plus the charging time for each combination of charger and battery.

The batteries from Husqvarna are designed to be used interchangeably with different Forest and Garden products for your convenience.

Professional Battery Products

You have the choice of standard batteries that slot into the machine, or some Husqvarna garden tools are compatible with their backpack batteries. These professional battery products offer a hugely increased running time and the extra battery size is mitigated by the convenient backpack design.

Professional gardeners can use some trimmers and chainsaws for a full working day when used with a backpack battery. For example, a 535iXP chainsaw can get up to 18 hours light carpentry work from just one charge with the BLi950X backpack battery.

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