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Husqvarna chainsaws are trusted by forestry experts around the world and their build quality sets them apart from other brands. Available in a variety of bar lengths and chain types, Husqvarna’s chainsaw range is as extensive as it is diverse.

Not content with just making excellent quality chainsaws, Husqvarna are constantly innovating and evolving so as to ensure they are using the latest technology and design features in their range. Ability to cut a tree is not the only factor in a good chainsaw. Safety, maintenance and economy are key elements in Husqvarna’s manufacturing and development.

Husqvarna Pole Saws

Pole saws are great for arborists who need to reach the tallest branches. Telescopic pole saws from Husqvarna can reach as far as 5 metres, making it a safer solution than using ladders. Being able to reach further and higher means you can get the job done quicker, rather than using a platform or ladder and having to move that several times.

The other safety aspect of pole saws is that the cutting blade is further away from the user’s body.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

Husqvarna battery powered chainsaws come in 12″ and 14″ sizes and now have power comparable to that of petrol machines. Gone are the days when a cordless chainsaw would deliver inferior performance and running time.

Husqvarna’s BLi batteries power the rest of their Forest & Garden range, so you can make savings by sharing the batteries with compatible trimmers, mowers and blowers.

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