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Altrad Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow

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Puncture-Proof Flex Pro Tyre for Warrior Wheelbarrow

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RRP £78.48 Inc. VAT

If you use a wheelbarrow every day to move slabs, blocks, soil and gravel around site, you will need one that is up to the job. Your equipment should reflect your work, and a reliable barrow can be an asset to your business

Heavy Duty Builder’s Barrows

The Warrior from Altrad Belle is known as the Rolls Royce of wheelbarrows for its functionality and durability. It is designed to withstand the daily rigours of construction sites, and can outlast cheaper barrows several times over. Made from highly durable, construction-grade HDPE; the bucket on the Warrior is as tough as any material you can carry in it. You can even choose puncture-proof tyres for the most unforgiving of terrains.

We have spoken to customers who used to buy barrows every few months, because of the physical toll and wear and tear involved in working as hard as they do. The Warrior is famous in construction circles for living up to its name. People have tried throwing it off a cliff, crushing it with a crane and dragging it down the road, but the Warrior keeps its shape and integrity.

Also part of the Altrad Belle family is the Bragagnolo Gardenia, which has a scaffold hoist point for lifting up onto scaffolding. A great wheelbarrow for mobility on the ground, the Bragagnolo comes into its own when you need to move materials and waste on upper floors and raised platforms.

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