When moving materials around site, you can make huge time savings and efficiency improvements with your choice of barrow. For small loads most workers will use a wheelbarrow, but it can be beneficial to use a motorised solution to increase productivity.

Belle Wheelbarrows

The Warrior from Altrad Belle is known as the Rolls Royce of wheelbarrows for its functionality and durability. It is designed to withstand the daily rigours of construction sites, and can outlast cheaper barrows several times over. Made from highly durable, construction-grade HDPE; the bucket on the Warrior is as tough as any material you can carry in it. You can even choose puncture-proof tyres for the most unforgiving of terrains.

Also part of the Altrad Belle family is the Bragagnolo Gardenia wheelbarrow, which has a scaffold hoist point for lifting up onto scaffolding.

Belle Minidumpers

The Minidumper from Belle is a very popular motorised dump truck which can handle the toughest terrain and can carry up to 300kg. You can even get a BMD machine with special turf tyres , designed to protect lawned areas from the indentations that could be caused by the lug tyres on the standard minidumper

HG High Capacity Minidumpers

If you need a larger machine to get more materials around site you can now consider the Super Skub made by HG, which has a larger bucket and can really help get those larger loads around the site. Larger than a standard minidumper, this high capacity power barrow can carry up to 750kg