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Husqvarna Combi Machines

Forest and garden professionals can now increase efficiency by having one versatile working tool for several applications. Whether you are trimming, clearing or finishing, there is a combi attachment for the project. Taking a single machine with your own choice of attachments out to jobs can reduce the amount of space and weight your work tools take up.

Efficient Garden Tools

There is only one drive unit to keep running. For the petrol machines you only have one machine to refuel, service and lubricate. For the battery machine you can use the same battery for other Husqvarna battery garden tools you may have.

Having just one machine to drive a fleet of garden tools means you save financially and logistically. The range of combi machines are all optimised for whichever attachments you choose. The three petrol machines represent occasional use, part -time use and professional use. As always with Husqvarna, each machine delivers a superb balance of value and performance based on the user’s requirements.

Interchangeable Attachments

With a total of 13 different attachments on offer, you have a whole shelf full of garden tools to potentially use, driven by one pioneering combi unit.

Pioneering Battery Power

The 325 iLK combi machine takes advantage of the latest battery technology, increasing efficiency and green credentials as you work. The recommended BLi20 battery is compatible with the vast majority of Husqvarna’s forest and garden battery series.

Husqvarna battery technology means reduced noise and running costs, plus no operating emissions. Even servicing and repair is cheaper and easier because there are fewer moving parts. No engine, no fuel and no oil. Just an advanced battery powered motor with unrivalled power in its sector.

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