Vacuums and Dust Extractors

Vacuums and Dust Extractors
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  1. ISSA640 Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum
    ISSA640 Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum
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  2. Husqvarna W70P Slurry Vacuum
    Husqvarna W70 & W70P Wet and Slurry Vacuum - 110V
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  3. Husqvarna Longopac Liners (4 pack)
    Husqvarna Longopac Liners (4 pack)
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H Class Dust Extractors

Dust extractors are tested internationally according to three standards: Low, Medium and High. Husqvarna dust extractors meet the High-Classification standard (EN-60335-2-69), so their S11, S13, DE110 and DE120 models are all H classified. 

H-Classification complies with the most stringent quality levels, requiring a filtration efficiency of 99.9% distributing particle sizes of less than 1mm. Husqvarna machines have been demonstrated to achieve more than 99.95% efficiency with particle sizes of 0.3mm

The Highest international standard also requires dust-free handling.

Husqvarna’s trademarked Longopac dust collection bag system ensures that the dust does not become airborne, either during operation or when changing the bag.

H-Class Dust Filtration | Red Band UK

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are High Efficiency Particulate Air filters. The HEPA standard (EN 1822-1) is denominated into levels on a scale between E10 and H14. H13, the level that Husqvarna applies, means separation of 99.95% of the particles between 0.15 and 0.30μm in size. A micrometre (μm) is 0.001% of a millimetre, so 1000μm = 1mm.

HEPA 13, or H13 is classed as high efficiency, with just 0.05% particulate penetration. 

HEPA Filter

The heavy duty filtration handles the dust in three stages, dependent on the size of the particles.

Husqvarna S-Line Dust Extractors

Husqvarna's S-Line of professional dust extractors are compact and lightweight, and capable of several hours of continuous operation. The 110V Husqvarna S11S13 and S26 models are suitable for construction and restoration work such as floor grinding and drilling. 

Husqvarna DE-Line Dust Extractors

Husqvarna's larger capacity DE-Line machines use the Longopac bags

The DE110 range of dust extractors are powered by a choice of either 110V electric or lithium-ion battery.

Husqvarna's battery technology makes the DE110i more portable, and the Husqvarna BLi batteries are compatible with other machines such as a cutter, drill, screed unit, water tank and work light. Click here to see the new range of battery powered construction products.