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Leaf blowers from Husqvarna include those powered by petrol and battery. The market for blowers is growing as leaf management becomes part of a gardener or landscaper’s repertoire.

Using the righ technique can make the difference between slapdash and efficient. It’s a task you want to do well and it’s something you want to do once.

Battery Powered Blowers

Battery power is the future of garden and landscaping tools as lithium-ion technology develops and matures. With high capacity batteries becoming more prominent and less expensive to produce, the prevalence of battery powered machines such as leaf blowers is increasing.

The benefits of battery power vs petrol become apparent as soon as you start using a battery machine. As well as the lower running costs because electricity is cheaper than petrol, there are fewer ongoing servicing costs because of fewer moving parts.

Zero emissions and lower noise pollution result in a much lower environmental impact. You can use a battery powered blower in a noise-sensitive neighbourhood without fear of affecting the air quality or making too much noise.

Removing the need to carry and use petrol also removes a hazard, since petrol and oil are highly flammable substances.

Husqvarna Battery Powered Blowers

Key models of battery powered blower include Husqvarna’s entry-level 120iB, which was recently rated Best Buy by the Independent newspaper. For the more serious user, the professional grade 550iBTX allows up to three and a half hours of use from one charge.

Backpack Blowers

Husqvarna’s machines are built for comfort, however extended use is best when using a backpack blower. The key advantage to using a backpack blower is the increased ergonomics and reduction in arm or back strain because of the redistributed weight.

On the whole, backpack blowers are at the high end of the performance market, the popular models being in Husqvarna’s 5 series. The additional advantage of the 550iBTX is the battery technology, and the backpack feature lends itself to higher capacity batteries.

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