Husqvarna Chargers

Husqvarna Chargers
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  1. Husqvarna QC80 Charger
    Husqvarna QC80 Charger
    £42.00 £35.00
    RRP £50.40
  2. Husqvarna QC80F 12V Charger
    Husqvarna QC80F 12V Charger
    £68.40 £57.00
    RRP £80.40
  3. Husqvarna QC250 Charger
    Husqvarna QC250 Charger
    £63.00 £52.50
    RRP £69.60
  4. Husqvarna QC330 Quick Charger
    Husqvarna QC330 Quick Charger -330W
    £86.40 £72.00
    RRP £99.60
  5. Husqvarna QC500 Charger
    Husqvarna QC500 Charger
    £126.00 £105.00
    RRP £140.40
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5 Items

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Husqvarna Quick Chargers

Husqvarna's battery charger range consists of the QC80, QC80F, QC250, QC330 and QC500. The QC stands for 'quick charge', with the right charger and battery combination achieving great results.

At the value end of the range are the QC80 chargers, which are ideally suited for use with the BLi10. The QC80F is designed to be plugged into a vehicle's 12V 'cigarette lighter' socket, for excellent time/energy efficiency on the way to your next job.

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