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Husqvarna K970 Chain MKIII Concrete Chainsaw - 2-stroke

From £1,744.80
From £1,454.00 Exc. VAT
RRP from £3,358.80 Inc. VAT
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Husqvarna K7000 Chain Concrete Chainsaw - High Frequency

From £3,610.80
From £3,009.00 Exc. VAT
RRP From £5,368.80 Inc. VAT

Husqvarna diamond chainsaws are used for cutting masonry materials such as stone, brick and different grades of concrete. Also known as construction chainsaws, these are for hard building materials and are not to be used for forest and garden applications.

New for 2020 is Husqvarna’s third edition of the K970 CHAIN. This now aligns with a new style of bar and chain which provide even greater cutting depth.

Diamond Chains

Just like other diamond products from Husqvarna, the diamond chains range is set out according to value and performance. The Vari-Chain level is the most popular as it does a great job of cutting medium-hardness concrete at a good price point. Elite-Chain products such as the C20, C45 and C70 offer premium performance and longevity.

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