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Husqvarna LP6505 Hydraulic Duplex Roller - Diesel

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Compaction rollers are used for clay, silt and asphalt. The static force applied with a roller exposes the surface to pressure only, rather than impacts or vibration that can leave marks.

Husqvarna Compaction

How to compact asphalt

Compacting asphalt is a key step in the process of strengthening the material, and the right kind of compaction has a significant effect on the durability of the finished material.

Using a duplex roller such as the Husqvarna LP 6505 can achieve the requisite static compaction on subbase down to a maximum depth of 200mm across 8 passes.

The even weight distribution and lack of disruptive force ensures compaction of the subterranean material without breaking or marking the uppermost surface of the asphalt.

Centrifugal Force

One of the key variables of compaction, known as centrifugal force, is measured in kilonewtons (kN) and effectively represents the amount of compaction transferred from the machine. a high centrifugal force and high speed translates to high productivity.

The interactive image below shows the different machines used for different layers of surface material.

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