Prime 14" Bridge Saw Range - 110V Elec

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The Prime range of tile & masonry saws consists of two models, the Prime 100 featuring a 1000mm cutting length and the Prime 120 with a 1200mm cutting length. Both saws have a maximum 350mm blade capacity, providing a maximum cutting depth of 110mm @ 90o and 80mm @ 45o.

The Prime 100/120 are robust, powerful, high performance, professional bridge tile saws, ideal for the precise and accurate cutting of a wide range of varying sized floor and wall tiles, natural stones (granite, marble, limestone etc). The generous cutting lengths of each model make them also perfect for cutting physically larger tiles now very much commonplace today.

£1,794.00 £1,495.00
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£1,794.00 £1,495.00


  PRIME 100 PRIME 120
Voltage 110V Electric 110V Electric
Motor 3hp/2.2kW 3hp/2.2kW
Fuse/Transformer 16A/5KVA 16A/5KVA
Maximum Cutting Length 1000mm 1200mm
Blade Capacity 350mm 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (90o/45o) 110/80mm 110/80mm
Weight 83kg 86kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1495.00 £1650.00

5kVA continuous-rated transformer required

Product Information

(Please note that the diamond blade, transport wheels , transport handles, side extension table, extended guide-a-cut, raise & lower handle kit and laser kit shown in the video on this page are optional extras, please contact us for further details)

• Main saw chassis made from interchangeable modular aluminium profiles - strong, yet comparatively lightweight
• Built in electric recirculating water pump for wet cutting applications
• Extruded aluminium rail for precision cutting
• Retractable, adjustable legs with quick release design locking levers
• Powerful 2.2kW/3Hp motor for high cutting performance

The Prime 100/120 feature a powerful 3hp/2.2kW motor which is mounted on sliding and a tilting (to 45o), lockable cutting head, ideal for more demanding cutting applications.

Weighing 83/86kgs (respectively) and mounted on 4 adjustable, detachable legs, the Prime 100/120 are highly portable and easily transportable to and around site.