Clipper CM42 16" Masonry Saw -110V Electric

The CM42 from Norton Clipper is a stronger, more reliable, extremely user friendly machine, ideal for the intermittent wet and dry cutting of a wide variety of small masonry materials, concrete products, roof tiles etc, and can be used with 350mm/14” and 400mm/16" diameter diamond blades.

This masonry saw has enhanced stability and durability due to the wide conveyor cart with tilted wheels and anti-pivoting and locking system. It contains a high accuracy cutting guide with per-degree angular setting for quick, precise and easy cuts without requiring additional accessories.

The recommended selling price for this item is £2390.00 (+VAT), but we've lowered our price to an incredible £1115.00  (+VAT) - including free delivery to a UK mainland delivery address - representing fantastic value for money!

As well as the reduced price on the machine, you can now buy the Norton Clipper Extreme Universal diamond blade (16"/400mm) for £49 + VAT, which is over £150 cheaper than our low web price! Alternatively you can buy the Norton Clipper Pro Universal 14" for use on this machine for the same price! Just choose the blade from the dropdown menu below.

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required. See our transformers guide for more.

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  CM42 30-1-110V
MPN 70184647990
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse/Transformer 16A/5KVA continuous
Motor Power 2.2kW / 3Hp
Maximum Cutting Length 780mm
Blade Capacity 400mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 135mm
Weight 90kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1115.00

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required. 

The CM42 masonry saw from Norton Clipper has a cutting length of 780mm thanks to its wider and longer dimensions. It's great for cutting 60cm concrete slabs as well as roof tiles when cutting both wet and dry.

Recent improvements to the CM42 portable masonry saw include a stronger frame, folding feet and longer tilting conveyor cart, as well as key features such as an improved handle for adjusting the cutting depth, spring-loaded cutting head, easily accessible blade guard, a wheel lock and tilted wheels for ease of use.

Other benefits:

• 110V electric motor with NVR starter overload protection  
• Conveyor cart with tilting table and anti-slip surface
• Built in electric water pump for wet cutting