Husqvarna DM406H Core Drill Motor - Hydraulic

The DM406H is a powerful 6-speed (2x3) hydraulically powered core drill motor suitable for holes from 50 to a massive 650mm diameter. It is designed for wet use and heavy-duty core drilling applications, especially where high production rates are needed. It is recommended for rig/stand mounting and is not suitable for handheld use.

The mechanical gears of the DM 406 H are set on two levels and the hydraulic motor offers three speeds, resulting in six available drilling speeds, providing a wide rpm range and optimal drill speed selection for each application. The speed of this hydraulic core drill motor can be changed whilst drilling, improving efficiency and productivity levels. Despite its wide range of abilities and high performance, it is surprisingly simple and easy to use.

The DM406H has a 1¼” UNC male fitting.

The DM406H is recommended for use with the Husqvarna DS 900 core drill stand.

DM406H (hydraulic) - (9.3kW @ 40 l/min). Core range: 50-650mm. 6-speed motor - 120/230/340/580/980/1400rpm (unloaded).

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MPN 965158207
Motor 6-Speed Hydraulic
Motor Power 9.3kW at 40L/min 
Core Range 50-500 (650mm with 2x 50mm spacers)
Connection 1 ¼" UNC Outer / ½" BSP Inner
Spindle Speeds (Unloaded) 120/230/340/580/980/1400rpm
Weight 16kg
Max Hydraulic Flow 40L/min
Max Pressure 140bar
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The DM 406H weighs only 16kgs making this heavyweight performing motor surprisingly easy to handle and transport. It requires a 40 litre/min @ 140 bar to operate, for which Husqvarna manufacture two suitable power packs, the PP325E which is 415V electric and ideal for internal use or use in confined, poorly ventilated areas, or the PP518 variable flow rate petrol power pack (with a variable flow rate of 20, 30 and 40 l/min).

The hydraulic gearbox is easy to manoeuvre and enables the operator to easily and conveniently change the output shaft rotational speed during use, which provides a smoother start and straighter holes.