Husqvarna DM220 Core Drill Motor - 110V

The Husqvarna DM220 is a highly versatile D-handle wet and dry electric handheld diamond core drill motor which features an innovative electronic LED positioning system for maximum drilling accuracy and efficiency, especially when free-drilling a wide variety of masonry materials, natural stones, brickwork, concrete etc. It features a 360° adjustable front handle which ensures maximum user comfort and control, whatever the angle or working position. It can also be rig/stand mounted for maximum versatility and is equipped with an integral dust port for dry drilling applications.

This powerful (1850W), compact wonder drill is lightweight and easy to use. It is suitable for drilling holes handheld up to 80mm diameter (wet) or dry diamond core bits used to drill holes for pipework in brick and block up to162mm diameter. When drilling holes from 80 to 150mm diameter, or holes in more robust materials like concrete, the motor should be rig/stand mounted. The use of a Husqvarna DS 250 drill is recommended or a similar compatible third party stand. If you are free-drilling, we highly recommend the addition of the optional telescopic start device, which will make starting holes easier.

The DM220 has a 1¼” UNC male fitting and a ½” BSP female fitting for maximum drilling versatility and is supplied with a protective carry case.

Recommended for use with the Husqvarna DS250 drill stand.

DM220 (110V 1ph) - (1.85kW). Core range: 10-150mm. 3-speed motor - 730/1700/3600rpm (unloaded).

Minimum 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

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  DM220 110V
MPN 966563502
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse 16A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer 3kVA Continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Motor Power 1.85kW
Core Range 10-150mm
Connection 1 ¼" UNC Outer / ½" BSP Inner
Spindle Speeds (Unloaded) 730/1700/3600rpm
Weight 7.5kg
Sound Pressure 90dB
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £933.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The DM 220 is ideally suited for use by electrical and plumbing engineers for producing a variety of sized holes for cabling and pipework. The in-built electronic guidance and positioning system allows the user to easily choose and set a desired angle which they want to drill at and will simply then communicates to them by the LED crosshair on top of the motor casing any manual adjustments they need to make to the drill position. The incorporated dust port provides a simple and ideal means of connecting to a dust collector when dry drilling, although the drill can also be used with equal success for a wide range of wet drilling applications.

The motor features a Softstart® electronic current limiter which ensures a softer start and means that full speed is reached about two seconds after start, making holes easier to start being cored. It also includes Elgard™, where it uses pulsation to warn the operator of an impending overload. When making a hole or drilling through reinforcement, the operating rotational speed can be reduced by half by using the built-in Smart Start®.