Husqvarna VP 200 Vacuum Pump -110V

The Husqvarna VP 200 Vacuum Pump is an essential must for anyone diamond core drilling vertically downwards into concrete and other flat, dry, non-porous surfaces.

Using a vacuum pump negates the need to drill an anchor hole to secure the drill stand to for stability when drilling (and making good thereafter). This method is not only quicker, cleaner and more cost efficient than using anchor bolts, it also leaves less visible surface disruption too.

Simply connect the VP200 vacuum hose to a compatible fitting on a drill stand, engage power, wait a few seconds and you are good to go! That easy, that quick! When its time to move onto your next hole, simply disconnect the vacuum hose, move your drill to the next desired position and repeat.

The VP200 is compact, high portability, easy to transport, store and use.

It features a powerful single-phase (110V) electric pump, a robust tubular protective frame with a convenient centrally located carry handle and is supplied with an air bleeder, pressure gauge and 2m length of hose.

VP 200 (110V 1ph) - (0.55kW/07.5Hp). Maximum Vacuum 0.9 bar. 19kg.

Minimum 1.5kVA continuous or 3kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

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  VP 200
MPN 5449290-04
Voltage 110V
Power 0.55kW/0.75Hp
Maximum Vacuum 0.9 bar
Air Flow 200 l/min (< vacuum @ 0.9 bar)
Weight 19kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £540.00

See our transformer guide for more info.