Husqvarna PP518 20/30/40L Hydraulic Power Pack -18Hp Petrol

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The Husqvarna PP518 is a compact, highly portable, self-contained petrol powered hydraulic power pack designed to power a variety of hydraulic tools such as the Husqvarna K3600 ring saw, K2500 disc cutter, DM406 core drill motor and other similar hydraulically powered tools with compatible flow rates.

The PP518 features variable flow control (20, 30 and 40 l/min) and has been designed to create optimum power with precise flow control due to its unique hydrostatic pump system, which does not use engine rpms to regulate flow. The automatic power-on-demand feature saves fuel and adjusts to different tools and hose lengths, ensuring that optimal power is delivered when required, or alternatively switched off for applications where constant power is needed.

All controls and hose attachments for the PP 518 are located on the front fascia of the unit for improved operator efficiency. Operating sound is reduced courtesy of the insulated panels and large volume muffler.

The Husqvarna PP518 pack has large pneumatic tyres, a convenient folding handle and excellent ergonomics for easy manoeuvrability/storage, and a separate oil cooler to provide maximum power and long service life.

£4,530.00 £3,775.00
RRP £6,472.80
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£4,530.00 £3,775.00
RRP £6,472.80


Engine 18Hp Petrol
Flow Rate 20/30/40L/min (Dual)
Maximum Bar Pressure 140 bar
Dimensions (cm) 86 x 55 x 74cm
Weight 127kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3775.00

Product Information

The PP518 is designed to create optimum power with precise flow control, so you get the most performance out of your hydraulic equipment, whether it be a wall saw, drill motor, ringSAW, power cutter, or indeed, any other type of hydraulically powered equipment/tools with a compatible flow rate.

An obvious attraction to the PP518 is it's variable 20, 30 and 40 l/min flow rates, which enable it to power a significantly broader range of equipment than fixed flow packs.

The PP518 is compact, comparatively lightweight, has large pneumatic tyres, a convenient folding holding, and a separate oil cooler to provide maximum power and long service life.

Hydraulic hose attachment on front panel provides easy doorway passage.