Husqvarna 125BVX Blower Vac - 2-Stroke

The Husqvarna 125BVX is an efficient domestic use leaf blower and garden vacuum combined into one for added versatility around the home and garden.

The 125BVX was rated as Best petrol leaf blower for 2022 by The Independent.

It is supplied with round and flat interchangeable nozzles and a Vac Kit which transforms this versatile blower into a handy garden vacuum, which uses a mulch shredder blade to reduce the volume of debris collected by a 16:1 and then blows it into a collection bag with a shoulder strap for maximum efficiency and added convenience.

The 125BVX can also be used with an optional gutter kit which allows users to clean gutters on low level buildings, using the airflow produced by the blower to dislodge and remove leaves and debris deposits (total tube length 3 metres).

125BVX (2-Stroke) - 0.8kW/1.0Hp. Displacement 28cm3. Air flow 12.03m3/min*. Air speed 76m/s. 4.35kg.

The 125BVX is supplied with a flat and a round nozzle as standard for maximum versatility and scope of use.

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MPN 952715645
Power output 0.8kW/1.0Hp
Cylinder displacement 28cm³
Air flow in housing 31.31m³/min
Air flow in pipe 12.03m³/min*
Air speed (flat nozzle) 76m/s
Air speed (round nozzle) 58.12m/s
Blowing force 12.5N
Air speed 76m/s
Vacuum kit No
Sound pressure at operators ear 94dB(A)
Sound pressure level (guaranteed) 112dB(A)
Vibration 11.1m/s²
Weight 4.3kg
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The 125BVX features AIR PURGEAUTO RETURN and SMART START to ensure easy, trouble free starting, an IN-LINE AIR OUTLETCRUISE CONTROL, a soft feel comfort grip handle and an EXTENDABLE TUBE to deliver the maximum performance and comfort.

  • AIR PURGE- ensures easier cold and hot starting by pre-priming the carburettor and reducing the number of starting pulls required.
  • AUTO RETURN - engine stop switch, automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting.
  • SMART START - mechanical assistance which reduces the effort required for the start pull by up to 40%.
  • IN-LINE AIR OUTLET - provides optimum comfort by negating the engine gyroscopic twist that can fatigue the wrist and uses the reactive air flow to automatically produce the perfect working position in comfort.
  • CRUISE CONTROL - allows you to set the engine speed for optimum airflow/airspeed to suit the work in hand with maximised comfort during prolonged use.
  • EXTENDABLE TUBE - allows you to choose the tube length to match the greatest operator comfort with suitability for the work in hand.

The 125BVX is supplied with a standard work harness (single strap) and both a round and flat nozzle for maximum productivity and control. The round nozzle provides a broader airstream when clearing wider areas, whilst the flat nozzle provides a more focused and increased airstream providing greater directional accuracy when required.