Briggs & Stratton FUEL FIT E10 Treatment

Fuel Fit® from Briggs and Stratton is a remedial additive for ethanol-blend fuels to protect engines against the corrosive effects of ethanol.

Modern E10 unleaded petrol has a higher ethanol content, which brings the benefit of lowering emissions from petrol machines and vehicles. However, it can cause problems if the fuel is left to stand for more than a few weeks. 

The ethanol in the fuel bonds with moisture in the atmosphere and can form a layer of water inside the tank. This water then has a corrosive effect on the engine, causing silent damage.

Adding Fuel Fit to the fuel before it goes into the engine protects against corrosion, prevents contaminant build-up and wards off chemical reactions caused by dissolved metals.

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Fuel Fit® from Briggs and Stratton is a fuel additive that maintains the integrity of E10 petrol and protects engines and parts from corrosion.

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Add 50ml of Fuel Fit per 5 Litres of E10 fuel.