Husqvarna 570BTS Blower -Petrol

The 570BTS is a powerful commercial backpack blower with commercial grade filtration, high blowing capacity, a low hand arm vibration (HAV) level of 1.8m/s2 on the handle and a very efficient fan providing large air flow and high air speeds, making it ideal for extended trouble free use and demanding clearing up tasks.

This model of blower comes with a round nozzle as standard, but now you have the option to buy the flat nozzle which provides concentrated airflow.

Using the dropdown option you can purchase a fuel additive called Fuel Fit, which stabilises and cleans modern E10 fuel. Click here to find out more.

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MPN 966629401
Displacement 65.6cc
Power Output 2.9kW/3.8hp
Air Speed (1) 105.6m/s2 236mph
Air Flow* 21.8m3/min
Weight 11.2kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £515.00

(1) Round Nozzle.
* Measured in air pipe.

The 570BTS is comfortable to use, and features a powerful X-TORQ engine, LOW VIB, a COMFORT HARNESS, a fully ADJUSTABLE OFFSET HANDLE with soft feel comfort grip, CRUISE CONTROL, AIR PURGE, COMMERCIAL AIR FILTRATION and an EXTENDABLE TUBE to deliver the maximum performance and comfort.

X-TORQ ENGINE - reduces emissions by up to 75%, increases engine torque by up to 18% and improves fuel economy by up to 20% (compared to equivalent Husqvarna previous models)
LOW VIB - with a 2 mass principle where the engine is mounted to the comfort harness via effective dampeners ensuring increased comfort and low transmission of vibration
ADJUSTABLE OFFSET HANDLE - handle not only delivers superior comfort during prolonged use, but also negates the air tube reactive force reducing operator fatigue
CRUISE CONTROL - allows you to set the engine speed for optimum airflow/airspeed to suit the work in hand with maximised comfort during prolonged use
AIR PURGE - ensures easier cold & hot starting by prepriming the carburretor and reducing the number of starting pulls required
COMMERCIAL AIR FILTRATION - reduces engine wear and maintenance
EXTENDABLE TUBE - allows you to choose the tube length to match the greatest operator comfort with suitability for the work in hand
COMFORT HARNESS - fully padded, ventilated with integrated hip belt reduces theload from your back, redistributing to your shoulders and hips for superb comfort and reduced fatigue during prolonged use

The 570BTS is supplied with a COMFORT HARNESS and a round nozzle for maximum productivity, comfort and control. The round nozzle providing a broader airstream when clearing wider areas.

An optional flat nozzle that provides a more focused and increased airstream providing greater directional accuracy when required is available as an extra upon request.