Husqvarna 122C Grass Trimmer -Petrol

The 122C is a low weight, yet powerful grass trimmer, compact in length making it highly maneouvrable in tight areas and ideal for trimming up lawn edges.

Head T25
Line Size Dia. 2.0-2.4mm
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MPN 966779701
Displacement 21.7cc
Power Output 0.6kW/0.8hp
Vib Level F/R* 5.0/3.6m/s2
Weight 4.4kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £137.00

The 122C is equipped with a LOW NOISE engine, and features AIR PURGE, SMART START and AUTO RETURN for easy starting and use.

The 122C is specified with a TAP & GO head with twin lines, which has a semi-automatic feed whilst being used - simply tap the head on the ground to extend the lines.

LOW NOISE - engine has been developed for lower noise levels and a pleasant tone and is exceptional for considerate residential use
AIR PURGE - ensures easier cold and hot starting by prepriming the carburettor and reducing the number of starting pulls required
SMART START - mechanical assistance reduces the effort required for the start pull by up to 40%
AUTO RETURN - engine stop switch, automatically resetsto the ON position for trouble-free starting
TAP & GO - twin line cutting system with Tap & Go for quick convenient line feed whilst in use -  simply tap the head on the ground to extend the lines