Belle PCEL400E Low Vib Electric Compaction Plate

Belle PCEL400E Low Vib Electric Compaction Plate

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Belle PCX Low Vib Compaction Plate

Belle PCLX Low Vib Compaction Plate

The Belle PCLX is a robust, high performance, midweight, petrol powered compaction plate, with low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV). The low HAV design enables longer, safe usage times than many other similar plates in the same class.

The PCLX is easy to operate and control, has a good forward travel speed, and an extra thick cast base plate that does not dig in when dragged backwards or turned.

You can now add a paving pad or wheel kit using the dropdown options below. Please note the Streetworks model is not compatible with the paving pad.


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  PCLX 320 PCLX 400 'Streetworks'
MPN LC3251 LC4051 LX3251
Engine Honda GX100 Honda GX100 Honda GX100
Engine Power 3Hp/2.2kW 3Hp/2.2kW 3Hp/2.2kW
Plate Size 320 x 417mm (W x L) 400 x 417mm (W x L) 320 x 417mm (W x L)
Static Pressure 398kg/m² 336kg/m² 1611kg/m²
Centrifugal Force 13kN 13kN 13kN
Travel Speed 21.2m/min 21.2m/min 18m/min
Vibration Level 2.42m/sec² 2.48m/sec² 2.14m/sec²
Weight 62kg 66.5kg 65kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £805.00 £845.00 £915.00

The PCLX features a high quality 13kN (sealed oil-filled) vibration unit, and is designed to provide maximum compaction. making it well suited for rental and heavy contractor use.

• Low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV)
• Heavy duty front and rear manual handling points 
• Lifting eye which protects engine and ensures balanced machine lifting 
• Sealed oil-filled vibrator with top quality bearings for reliability and durability in service

*Block paving pad and water spray system and detachable wheel kit available as optional extras upon request.