Altrad Belle Bulldog Pack & Breaker Package

This combination package consists of the compact and efficient Altrad Bellle 20-140 hydraulic power pack together with an Altrad Belle BHB25XS low-vib, all-purpose 25kg hydraulic breaker; together they form a dream making breaking team.

The Belle Bulldog is a compact, strong and dependable British Made portable on-site power source with a 20 l/min flow rate @ 140 bar. It can be used to power a range of hydraulic tools with compatible flow rates. It has a powerful and reliable Honda GX270 petrol engine, as well as a low engine & hydraulic oil cut out.

The Belle BHB25XS is a high-performance, low vibration (6.5m/s2) and easy to use all-purpose hydraulic breaker which is fitted with ultra-dampened handles which provide both comfortable operation and extended periods of safe usage, without compromising its impressive breaking capabilities. Steel size 32 x 160mm. It is ideally suited for patching and other reinstatement works in both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Although BIG on performance, this breaking duo are compact enough to comfortably through a standard doorway and be transported with ease in the back of estate cars or small vans. Movement to and around site is easy thanks to the folding auto-lock transport handle, solid puncture wheels and integrated lifting eye of the Bulldog. The optional breaker tray makes movement of the breaker and steels easy too.

Bulldog (Petrol) - 9.0Hp/6.6kW. Flow Rate 20L/min @ 140bar. 59.5kg.

BHB25XS - 1600 Blows p/m. Breaking Force 55 joules. Flow 20L/min. Max 160bar. 25kg.

The Altrad Belle Bulldog and BHB25XS package is supplied with a 6.75m hydraulic hose set as standard.

An optional “Clip & Go” removeable tool tray is also available to help store the breaker gun and steels.

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No Steels Required
1 x Moil Point
1 x Large Moil Point
1 x Chisel
1 x Large Chisel
1 x Broad Chisel
1 x Large Broad Chisel
1 x Asphalt Cutter
1 x Tarmac Cutter
1 x Digging Chisel
1 x Digging Spade
1 x Clay Spade
1 x Stem
1 x Rammer Pad


Bulldog Hydraulic Pack BHB25XS Breaker
Output Power 9.0Hp/6.6kW Max Pressure 160bar
Power Source Petrol Flow Rate 20l/min
Hydraulic Oil Flow 140bar Blows Per (min) 1600
Hydraulic Pressure, max 20l/min Breaking Fource 55 Joules
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 6.75m Steel Size 32 x 160mm
Weight 59.5kg Vibration 6.5m/s²
    Weight 25kg

The Altrad Belle BHB25XS is a low-vib, high-performance, all-purpose hydraulic breaker which is perfectly suited for use with the Altrad Belle Bulldog 20-140 petrol-powered hydraulic power pack. This 25kg heavyweight hydraulic breaker features an ultra-dampened which makes it comfortable to use and allows longer periods of safe use, without compromising its breaking force capabilities. The BHB25XS is designed for use with 32 x 160m steels, a comprehensive range of which are available as optional extras.

The BHB25XS is highly recommended for use with the Belle Bulldog; a breaking dream team!

The Altrad Belle Bulldog hydraulic power pack has a rigid and durable steel frame and protection frame to avoid accidental component damage. This protective tilt-back frame has a hose storage position, a lifting-eye integrated into it, is fitted with wheels to aid portability on-site and also allows easy access to components for routine maintenance and servicing.

The Bulldog is equipped with a reliable Honda GX270 petrol engine, which is more powerful than the standard engine used to power other competitor equivalent models.

The Bulldog is supplied with a braided Siamese hose set with high quality non-drip face couplings (pre-filled with hydraulic oil).

Hose sets can be added and removed with ease for easy transportation, storage and replenishment. They are connected to the front facing fascia of the pack which enables the pack to be safely moved through doorways with the hoses still connected and without the risk of the couplings being knocked or damaged in the process.

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