Altrad Belle BHB12S Hydraulic Breaker/Demo Pick

The Altrad Belle BHB12S is a sturdy, reliable and lightweight hydraulic breaker and demo pick which is suitable for a wide variety of breaking applications and light demolition works..

Weighing just 14kg and producing a mighty 2400 blows per minute, it is easy and efficient to handle, making it perfectly suited as an effective demo pick. It can also be used with a variety of steels available for other breaking duties too in a variety of concrete and asphalt surfaces.

It is ideally suited for use with the Altrad Belle Bulldog 20-140 hydraulic power pack, as and other competitor breaker packs with compatible flow rates (20L/min-140bar).

BHB12S - 2400 Blows p/m. Breaking Force 25 joules. Flow 20L/min. Max 160bar. 14kg.

Steel size 22 x 82mm. 

A comprehensive range of breaker steels for demolition, digging and cutting are available for the BHB12S as optional extras.

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Max Pressure

Flow Rate 20l/min
Blows Per Min 2400
Breaking Force 25 Joules
Steel Size 22 x 82mm
Vibration 14.3m/s²
Weight 14kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1040.00
Breaker Steels: 22 x 82mm (7/8” x 3½”) – Suitable for BHB12S Breaker  
Description Collar to Tip length (mm/”) Blade W x L (mm/”)
Moil Point 22mm 380mm (15”) N/A
Large Moil Point 22mm 455mm (18”) N/A
Chisel 22mm 380mm (15”) N/A
Large Chisel 22mm 455mm (18”) N/A
Broad Chisel 22mm 380mm (15”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Large Broad Chisel 22mm 380mm (15”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Large Asphalt Cutter 22mm 380mm (15”) 125 x 150mm (5 x 6”)
Tarmac Cutter 22mm 305mm (12”) 115 x 125mm (4 x 5”)
Digging Chisel 22mm 355mm (14”) 75 x 230mm (3 x 9”)
Digging Spade 22mm 355mm (14”) 125 x 200mm (5 x 8”)
Clay Spade 22mm 355mm (14”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Stem 22mm 200mm (8”) N/A
Rammer Pad 22mm N/A 180mm dia. (7” dia.)
Rail Clip Extractor 370mm (15") 55 x 100mm (2 x 4")