Belle BHB12S Hydraulic Breaker/Demo Pick

The Belle BHB12S is a lightweight hydraulic breaker/demolition pick, and ideal for a wide variety of breaking applications. 

Easy to use, easy to handle, the BHB12S has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Belle Bulldog hydraulic power pack, and other similar hydraulic packs with a 20 litre flow.

The BHB12S is supplied without a steel. However, We do stock a range of breaker steels for demolition, digging and cutting.


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Maximum Pressure

Flow 20l/min
Blows Per (min) 2400
Vibration (m/sec2) 14.13
Breaking Force 25joules
Steel Size 22x82mm
Weight 14kg
Our Price (exc.VAT) £1065.00

Belle BHB breakers are famous for their value and strength, whilst also being lightweight enough for comfortable handling.

Small, compact and lightweight, the BHB12S features a vibration dampened D handle, and has been designed for horizontal use, making it ideal for light demolition work.

The vibration dampened handle makes it a breaker with one of the lowest HAV (hand-arm vibration) levels on the market. Breaker steels are available on request as optional extras.