Belle Broad Chisel Breaker Steel

The Broad Chisel breaker steel from Altrad Belle is slightly broader than the standard chisel shaped steel head. Available in different lengths.

Please note the images on this page represent one variant of this breaker steel. Please see the spec table below for dimensions.

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Description Broad Chisel 22mm Large Broad Chisel 22mm Broad Chisel 25mm Broad Chisel 32mm Large Broad Chisel 32mm
MPN 910420 910421 910430 912450 912451
Collar to Tip length (mm/”) 380mm (15”) 455mm (18”) 380mm (15”) 380mm (15”) 455mm (18”)
Blade dimensions (mm) 75 x 50mm 75 x 50mm 75 x 50mm 75 x 50mm 75 x 50mm
Compatible Machine BHB12 Breaker BHB12 Breaker BHB23 Breaker BHB25, BHB25X & BHB27 Breakers BHB25, BHB25X & BHB27 Breakers
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