Belle BHB25XS Low Vib Hydraulic Breaker

The Belle BHB25XS is a low vibration, low HAV, easy to use, all purpose, high performance hydraulic breaker designed to be used in conjunction with the Belle Bulldog hydraulic power pack.

The low HAV BHB25XS breaker has ultra dampened handles which significantly reduce operator vibration levels and enable it to be used for extended periods of time, and yet still retains an impressive and highly credible breakout force, making it the ideal breaker of choice for a wide variety of breaking applications.

We also stock a range of breaker steels for demolition, digging and cutting. 

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RRP from £2,175.60 Inc. VAT


Maximum Pressure

Flow 20l/min
Blows Per (min) 1600
Vibration (m/sec2) 6.5
Breaking Force 55joules
Steel Size 32x160mm
Weight 25kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1095.00

Despite its low HAV level, the BHB25XS still has a very impressive breakout force, more than double that of many of its competitors models, and is suited for heavier demolition work on reinforced concrete and brickwork. 

The BHB25XS is supplied without a steel. However, a wide variety of breaker steels to suit are available separately.