Altrad Belle BHB25S Hydraulic Breaker

The Altrad Belle BHB25S is a sturdy and reliable 25kg all-purpose hydraulic handheld breaker which is ideally suited for patching and other reinstatement works in both concrete and asphalt surfaces. It has a breakout force which is up to double that of other competitor models, making it suitable too for heavier demolition work on reinforced concrete and brickwork.

This heavyweight, high-performance hydraulic breaker has an impressive breakout force of 85 joules, making it ideal for more demanding breaking and demolition duties.

It is ideally suited for use with the Altrad Belle Bulldog 20-140 hydraulic power pack, as and other competitor breaker packs with compatible flow rates (20L/min-140bar).

BHB25S - 1300 Blows p/m. Breaking Force 85 joules. Flow 20L/min. Max 160bar. 25kg.

Steel size 32 x 160mm. 

A comprehensive range of breaker steels for demolition, digging and cutting are available for the BHB25S as optional extras.

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No Steels Required
1 x Moil Point
1 x Large Moil Point
1 x Chisel
1 x Large Chisel
1 x Broad Chisel
1 x Large Broad Chisel
1 x Asphalt Cutter
1 x Tarmac Cutter
1 x Digging Chisel
1 x Digging Spade
1 x Clay Spade
1 x Stem
1 x Rammer Pad




Maximum Pressure

Flow Rate 20l/min
Blows Per Min 1300
Breaking Force 85 Joules
Steel Size 32 x 160mm
Vibration 11.1m/s²
Weight 25kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1090.00
Breaker Steels: 32 x 160mm (1¼” x 6½”) – Suitable for BHB25, BHB25X & BHB27 Breakers   
Description Collar to Tip length (mm/”) Blade W x L (mm/”)
Moil Point 32mm 380mm (15”) N/A
Large Moil Point 32mm 455mm (18”) N/A
Chisel 32mm 380mm (15”) N/A
Large Chisel 32mm 455mm (18”) N/A
Broad Chisel 32mm 380mm (15”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Large Broad Chisel 32mm 455mm (18”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Asphalt Cutter 32mm 380mm (15”) 125 x 50mm (5 x 2”)
Large Asphalt Cutter 32mm 330mm (13”) 125 x 150mm (5 x 6”)
Tarmac Cutter 32mm 280mm (11”) 115 x 125mm (4 x 5”)
Digging Chisel 32mm 355mm (14”) 75 x 230mm (3 x 9”)
Digging Spade 32mm 355mm (14”) 125 x 200mm (5 x 8”)
Clay Spade 32mm 380mm (15”) 75 x 50mm (3 x 2”)
Stem 32mm 230mm (9”) N/A
Rammer Pad 32mm N/A 180mm dia. (7” dia.)