Baron F120 Forced Action Mixer - 110 or 240V

The Baron F120 is the most popular forced action mixer produced by Baron and is designed to provide superior mixing performance together with a long and dependable service life.

This robust and high-performance professional pan mixer has a 120 litre drum capacity, which makes it ideal for mixing 3-4 bags of resin bound materials, as well as a diverse range of other materials, including mortar, wet pour rubber, liquid concrete, screed, plaster, heritage cob and lime, adhesives etc.

Forced action mixers are an essential piece of equipment for anyone working with resin bound materials because of their superior mixing capabilities and the consistent high-quality finished mix they produce - their offset mixing paddles set within a horizontal mixer drum enabling them to reach places where other types of mixers simply cannot.

The easy to use and high-specification F120 is equipped with high-quality gears and a powerful 2.7Hp/2.0kW low-noise motor, which is available in a choice of 110V* (32Amp) and 240V** (13Amp) electric. The 240V F120 is suitable for use with a standard domestic 13Amp supply and 3-pin plug.

It is additionally equipped a protective motor shield, a efficient despatch chute, a removeable mixing head with adjustable mixer shovels, variable speed control, an operator safety switch for enhanced safety, a convenient sack knife located on the drum lid for easy loading and transport wheels for easy movement to and around site.

Baron mixers are considered to be the most robust and dependable Forced Action Mixers available.

F120 (110V* or 240V** 1ph) - 2.7Hp/2.0kW. 120 litre drum capacity. 90 litre mixing capacity. 90kgs.

*Minimum 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent transformer. See our transformer guide for more info.


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  F120-110V F120-240V
MPN 50041 50001
Motor Power 2.0kW 2.0kW
Motor Voltage 110V-1ph* 240V-1ph*
Fuse 32 Amp 13 Amp
Max Drum Capacity 120 litres 120 litres
Max Mixing Capacity 90 litres 90 litres
Drum Speed 32rpm 32rpm
Width 680mm 680mm
Height 1080mm 1080mm
Depth 970mm 970mm
Weight 90kg 90kg
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*Minimum 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent transformer. See our transformer guide for more info.
**The 240V model can be plugged into a standard domestic socket and is ideal for those who work exclusively on residential properties.