Belle Minidumper BMD with Turf Tyres

Belle BMD300 MiniDumper (Turf Tyres)

Belle BMD300 MiniDumper + Flatbed (Lug Tyres)

When you buy a Belle BMD300 MiniDumper from Red Band UK, not only do you pay an incredible, low, low price - but in addition, for a limited period of time (and subject to sale), you will also receive with your purchase a flatbed attachment (ideal for carrying awkward loads (bricks, logs, turf etc) COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!! (RRP £252 + VAT).

The Altrad Belle BMD300 Mini Dumper is a heavy-duty motorised pedestrian power barrow/dump truck designed for loading and transporting a wide variety of construction, agricultural and landscaping materials across all manners of terrain with ease, safety and speed.

The BMD300 MiniDumper is engineered to be tough, reliable and versatile to meet the demands of both the professional user and rental industry.


£2,496.00 £2,080.00
RRP from £4,304.40 Inc. VAT
Optional Extras





Honda Petrol
Engine Power 5.5Hp/4.0kW
Maximum Travel Speed 6km/h
Skip Capacity (Level Filled) 113ltr
Skip Capacity (Heaped) 134ltr
Maximum Uphill Gradient 20degrees
Maximum Downhill Gradient 20degrees
Maximum Payload 300kg
Maximum Towing Weight (flat ground) 1000kg
Weight (Unlaiden) 155kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2080.00

The 4x4 ALL TERRAIN drive system of the BMD300 MiniDumper provides excellent traction on all types of surfaces and ground conditions, and excellent gradient climbing and descent levels too. The extra heavy-duty chassis and gearbox have been reinforced to cope and survive with harsh site conditions, and the daily rigours and demands of the rental industry.

The BMD MiniDumper has a large capacity tip up skip, with a very generous 300kg payload, and yet is still compact enough to fit through a standard 28" doorway if required.

The BMD300 is excellently balanced, making it easy and safe to manoeuvre, even when fully loaded, and has 4 forward travel speeds (and 1 reverse), in order to optimise efficiency/productivity levels and operator control.

But the incredible versatility of the Belle BMD300 doesn't stop just there!!

An innovative range of custom optional accessories to further increase the true versatility of the MiniDumper are also available for the MiniDumper including a flatbed attachment, ideal when moving awkward loads, a towing hitch, ideal for moving trailers, caravans etc around site, a handy front end snow plough and skip loading ramps, enabling payloads to be easily deposited straight into the side of a skip. Prices of attachments are available upon request.