High Carbon Steel Round End Trowel - 14 & 16”

Lightweight and easy to use High Carbon Steel Round End Trowel designed to produce a smooth surface finish to a variety of materials including wet concrete, resin etc.

These precise handheld finishing trowels feature a thin, perfectly balanced blade made from high-quality high carbon blue steel, which although braced to provide extra support and rigidity, still provides users with a degree of blade flex deemed advantageous when trying to achieve a high-quality surface finish.

They additionally feature a centred short-shank soft-grip handle that provides users with excellent control and comfortable use, together with round ends which help to prevent surface gouging and float marks.

A choice of two High Carbon Steel Round End Trowels is available; 356mm/14” and 406mm/16”. Both trowels are 102mm/4” wide.

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