MBW ScreeDemon WS500H Screed Drive Unit - Petrol

The ScreeDemon™ WS500 is the Professional’s choice of walk behind vibratory wet concrete screeds.

This premium, high-performance, professional pedestrian screed is available with a choice of either a Honda 4-Stroke petrol engine (WS500H), or Li-ion battery (WS500M), designed for use with Milwaukee M18 Lithium-ion batteries.

The ScreeDemon™ is designed for use with a choice of 7 interchangeable custom-made screed beams. Available beam lengths range from 1.2 to 4.88m.

ScreeDemon™ beams are made from magnesium which is lighter, more rigid and less reactive with concrete than aluminium. They have a unique back-to-back triangular construction, which increases their strength and rigidity, as well as minimising the variability in the transmission of vibration along the entire beam length.

Wet screeds have historically been notoriously temperamental and susceptible to mechanical failure, primarily because of their extended drive connection between their engine and exciter. The ScreeDemon™ design ingeniously eliminates this renowned vulnerability by connecting its engine to the eccentric drive via a durable, low-cost rubber isolator, rather than by the longer, wire-wound metal shaft favoured by others, which is also regular maintenance and is prone to accidental damage too.

ScreeDemon WS500H Drive Unit (Honda Petrol) - 1.5Hp/1.12kW. Beam range 1.2 to 4.88m. 13.2kg.


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Engine Honda GX35
Nett Power 1.5Hp/1.12kW
Type 4-Stroke Petrol
Beam Supplied? No
Beam Sizes Available 1.2, 1.8, 2.44, 3.05, 3.66, 4.27 and 4.88m
HAV Recording (4-1/2" Slump - 12' Blade) 5m/sec²
Weight 13.2kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,277.00

*Drive unit only. Weight excludes fuel and beam.

Unlike some other competitor walk behind screeds which favour a 2-Stroke engine, the WS500H ScreeDemon™ is powered by the more powerful and more reliable Honda GX35 4-Stroke petrol engine. It also does not feature an extended drive shaft system common on many competitor wet vibratory pedestrian screed units, as these are less mechanically reliable,  more prone to wear and also susceptible to damage in transit and on-site.

Some competitor models use bolts to attach their beams/blades to their screed drive unit. The ScreeDemon™ is designed to assemble and disassemble in seconds and has a different beam design and mounting arrangement which facilitates this. 

The bolt arrangement used on many other competitor screeds to mount their beams/blades is often prone to the associated hardware threads becoming compromised through contact with wet concrete, making assembly, dismantling and interchanging beam lengths and blades more time consuming and problematic. The ScreeDemon™ clamping system is designed to eradicate this and furthermore means that beams which are free from holes and/or cut-outs which also can weaken their structural integrity. It also enables ScreeDemon™ beams to be mounted offset to the drive unit, thereby making it easier to navigate around obstacles and under protrusions. ScreeDemon™ beams because of their unique design can also often be shortened and reused as they wear (which invariably at their ends caused by the constant friction caused with being in contact with formwork). This is in contradiction to most other competitor blades and beams which are simply discarded and worn away due to wear.

The WS500H is equipped with a sealed exciter with oversized bearings which requires no maintenance. Its’ walk-in design allows easy access to lifting points, whilst its cast aluminium frame is not only strong, but greatly lowers its operating weight, increasing its portability to and around site. Its main handle can be folded for easy transportation and storage too. It is also equipped with a folding kickstand for added operator convenience.

The ScreeDemon™ WS500H also features a patented mount retention method which enables use of low durometer isolators without loss of operator control, whilst significantly lowering operator exposed vibration levels.