ScreeDemon WS500H (SD4) Screed Drive Unit (Only) - Petrol

The ScreeDemon is the professional's choice of wet portable screeds, simply because not all wet screeds are designed in the same way.

Most wet screeds are notoriously prone to high maintenance, especially in drive mechanisms between the engine and exciter, and also produce irregular vibrations along the length of the screed bar.

The WS500H employs a simple, yet highly efficient, durable, low cost rubber isolator to drive the eccentric and direct engine to eccentric drive, thus eliminating the requirement for a metal flexible shaft which greatly reduces both service and maintenance.

The extremely rigid back-to-back triangular construction of ScreeDemon beams minimises variability in the transmission of vibration along beam lengths, thus producing a more even and consistent finish.  

Hand arm vibration produced by the ScreeDemon is 50 to 90% lower than that produced by many competitive screeds.

The ScreeDemon WS500H (SD4) is not only highly portable, highly productive and easy to use, it provides the user with flexibility to run off formwork, rails or free screed.

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Engine Honda GX35 Petrol
Nett Power 1.3Hp/1kW
Type 4-Stroke
HAV Recording (4-1/2" Slump - 12' Blade) 5.7m/s2
Operating Weight 13.2kg
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Unlike many 'similar' screeds, the ScreeDemon WS500H (SD4) has a 4-Stroke Honda petrol engine and a high frequency vibration system that provides uniform distribution over the entire beam length, enhancing compaction, whilst reducing vibration levels transmitted to the operator. The ScreeDemon does NOT have an extended drive assembly, unlike many competitors models, which is often susceptible/prone to damage and wear.

The ScreeDemon uses extra rigid, double triangular, magnesium screed beams that are quickly and easily interchangeable, and range from 1.80m/6ft to 4.88m/16ft in length, enabling the ScreeDemon to be used for a multitude of screeding applications. Magnesium beams are in used in preference to aluminium (as favoured by the majority of competitors) as it is lightweight, will not react with concrete like aluminium and is easy to clean.


The ScreeDemon was designed to overcome 4 identified, serious short comings of other types of portable wet screeds:


Conventional wet screeds are prone to high maintenance, especially in connection to drive mechanisms between the engine and the exciter. The ScreeDemon has NO flex or rigid shaft connection. a simple, durable, low cost rubber isolator drives the eccentric.


Most screed and screed bar combinations produce irregular vibration along the length of the screed bar. Not only is the concrete exposed to highly variable levels of vibration, but cream levels vary from spot to spot along the screed bar. The back-to-back triangular construction of the ScreeDemon bar is extremely rigid and minimizes variability in the transmission of vibration.

Most screeds bolt to their screed bars. Hardware threads are compromised by the concrete and assembling or removing the screed becomes such a problem that crews often don't disassemble for cleaning or transport.

The ScreeDemon simply clamps to the specially designed bar. No holes to weaken the screed bar. No threads to complicate assembly/disassembly. the ScreeDemon goes together and comes apart in seconds.

Operator Health & Safety

All other wet screeds tested exposed operators to excessive hand/arm vibration. The ScreeDemon patent pending mount retention method enables use of low durometer isolators without loss of operator control. Hand/arm vibration is 50 to 90% lower than competitive screeds.

• Trigger throttle which allows instant operator response to concrete conditions
• Sealed exciter with oversized bearings - requires no maintenance
• Central lifting point which is perfectly balanced with any length of beam