Altrad Belle Easy Screed Pro Drive Unit - Petrol

The Altrad Belle Easy Screed Pro is a high-performance petrol-powered walk behind free screeding machine designed for levelling and vibrating newly poured concrete slabs, with or without the need to run off supporting formwork.

The Easy Screed Pro drive unit produces controllable high-power vibrations to the attached reinforced aluminium levelling beam.

Unlike many other competitor screeds, the Belle Easy Screed Pro features an adjustable vibrator which enables the centrifugal force produced to be adjusted to suit different concrete slumps and beam lengths, for optimal screeding performance, compaction and finishing.

It is designed for use with a choice of 9 interchangeable custom-made screed beams. Available beam lengths range from 1.5 to 6m**.

Each Easy Screed Pro beam is made from heavily reinforced aluminium for ultimate strength and vibration transmission,  and have a double-sided profile; one side designed for free screeding, the other for when striking off formwork. The tool-free quick clamp system of the Easy Screed Pro makes beam lengths easy and quick to interchange and remove for transportation and storage.

Easy Screed Pro Drive Unit (Honda Petrol) - 1.6Hp/1.2kW. Beam range 1.5 to 6m**. 19.5kg*.

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  Easy Screed Pro
MPN 157.9.010
Engine Honda GX35
Nett Power 1.6Hp/1.2kW
Type 4-Stroke Petrol
Frequency 83Hz
Compaction Depth 75mm
Beam Supplied? No
Beam Sizes Available? 1.5, 1.9, 2.5, 3.0, 3.75, 4.25, 5.0, 5.5** and 6.0m**
Vibration Level 3.75m/sec²
Weight 12.5kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,345.00

*Drive unit only. Weight excludes fuel and beam.
**2 drive units recommended when using 5.5 and/or 6m beam lengths.

The Belle Easy Screed Pro features adjustable handles for improved operator comfort and control. It is also equipped with a convenient kick stand too.

It features an in-line flexible drive shaft which is designed to provide durability and reliability, together with incorporated isolators which ensure that vibration is transmitted to the concrete and not the operator.

Unlike some other competitor walk behind screeds which favour a 2-Stroke engine, the Easy Screed Pro is powered by the more powerful, less temperamental and more reliable Honda GX35 4-Stroke petrol engine.

Selecting the optimum beam length to suit each individual application is easier with the Easy Screed Pro, thanks to the choice of 9 varying sized beam lengths available from 1.5 to 6m**.