Wizard WS35LP Screed Drive Unit (Only)

Wizard WS35H.1 Screed Drive Unit (Only) - Petrol

Husqvarna BV20G Pedestrian Screed Unit with Blade

The Husqvarna BV20G pedestrian screeder provides a high quality concrete finish with maximum comfort. The unit is supplied with a 2m beam and a pair of 1.8m handles so you're ready to start the job.

You can adjust the vibrations alongside the engine speed to ensure a perfect application for every project. Use the BV20 with directly on thin concrete slabs up to 150mm width without prior vibrating. 

The Honda GX25 is a reliable and fuel efficient 0.58L engine which is easy to maintain.

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Reach further

Get a great screeding result at arms length thanks to the 1.8m handle, plus you can use extra handles to further extend the reach of your screed beam.

Professional finish

Take advantage of the V-shaped bottom plate to drive the excess concrete away from the area of operation, refilling your footprints. Adjust the motor speed to change the vibration level for perfect results.


The Honda GX25 engine performs reliably whilst delivering excellent fuel efficiency. Maintenance is easy on the non-corrosive aluminium alloy frame.