Robot Lawn Mower Guide

Robot lawn mowers are increasingly being seen as essential garden gadgets. There are lots of models of machine on the market which are suitable for gardens of different size and complexity. Husqvarna's Automowers are classified in terms of how much lawn they can cut, as well as their other features and benefits. You can program them to operate at regular intervals meaning that your garden stays in great condition. There is no need to collect clippings, as the cutting action creates a fine mulch which goes back into the soil and enriches the lawn. .


Why Choose a Robotic Mower?

Many garden owners enjoy spending time in their garden but dislike the chore of mowing the lawn. For smaller lawns an Automower is comparable in price to a good quality pedestrian mower, and for larger gardens a robotic lawn mower would work out better value than most suitable ride-on mowers. And they take up much less space. Many of the Automower users we speak to no longer need to pay for the services of a gardener because their new device does the hard work for them! 

Automower Principle Functionality

+ Unattended mowing - achieve great reliable results with no physical effort or supervision around the clock, at times and durations to suit you, even when you are not around and/or at work, away on holiday etc.
+ Mow little but efficiently and frequently.
+ Good performance even in wet weather.
+ Thanks to its unique cutting system and silent wheel motors, Husqvarna Automowers work discreetly and quietly and just when you want - no more worrying about disturbing the neighbours early on a Sunday morning when you would ideally like to be cutting your lawn, but put off doing so because of the noise pollution to surrounding households generated by conventional pedestrian and ride-on lawn mowers.

Efficient Cutting Technique

+ The grass is cut with thee fine, razor-sharp blades.
+ The three free-hanging blades are mounted on a disc and are easily replaced.
+ The blades can rotate back into the disc to minimise damage, should they hit hard objects - stones, branches etc.
+ The grass is mown so fine and small that it does not need to be collected.

The Mowing Cycle

+ The Husqvarna concept is to keep short grass short - to cut a little and often - this is what leads to more efficient cutting and healthier grass.
+ Finds the charging station automatically.
+ Charges for approximately 50 minutes.
+ Resumes mowing, day in and day out - regardless of the weather.

Mowing Patterns

+ Husqvarna Automowers feature a unique, tried, tested and proven random cutting process learned from sheep grazing - mimicking them by constantly mowing in a seemingly random pattern that ensures that all the ground is covered, taking a little growth every day and returning the retained moisture and nutrients to the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Some other robotic mowers available do not operate on such a random basis, which can result in the formation of tracks caused by the mower travelling the same course repeatedly over and over.
+ No need for specific programming.
+ Covers all parts even if the lawn is complex and/or contains trees, flowerbeds, passages etc.
+ Allows the grass to be cut from different directions - to create a smooth, carpet-like surface.

Anti-Theft And Collision Sensors

+ Husqvarna Automowers feature collision and lift sensors for improved and safe operation. When the Automower runs in to an object, it will stop, reverse, turn and simply redirects itself in a different direction of travel. If the Automower is lifted whilst in operation the blade(s) and the mower will stop immediately.

Latest Automowers

New for 2019 is Husqvarna's introduction of AWD models. In a similar way to cars with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive functionality, it brings more control to the machine to help it negotiate rough or sloped terrain. Not all lawns are perfectly flat and free of obstacles, so the idea of an articulated body style and 4WD traction is Husqvarna's way of opening up the opportunity of unmanned mowing to many more types of lawn.


Which Model of Automower Should I Buy?

Some models can be monitored and controlled remotely using a smartphone app, and every Husqvarna model has anti-theft elements such as alarm, lift and tilt sensors and PIN code lock.

We first recommend measuring your garden to see which models are suitable for you and how much installation wire you need. Then you can compare Automowers below,

Automower Size Comparison Chart

Automowers for Small-Mid Sized Gardens

Automowers for Small Gardens

The Automower 105 and the Automower 310 are great value robotic mowers for small operating areas, and feature the basic principle functions. We recommend the small installation kit which contains loop wire, pegs, splicers and connectors to suit your defined lawn area.

Automowers for Mid-Large Sized Gardens

Automowers for Large Gardens

The 315, 315X, 420, 430X and 450X are suitable for larger lawns and have advanced functionality to handle deviations in the terrain such as slopes and paths. In addition, the X Series of Husqvarna robot mowers feature GPS navigation and they work with Husqvarna's Autoconnect app.

Automowers for Commercial Use

Automowers for Commercial Use

The Husqvarna 520 and 550 models are designed for commercial use at properties such as parks and business premises. They also make use of the Husqvarna Fleet Services app.

Find Out More About Robot Lawn Mowers

If you'd like any more information about Husqvarna Automowers or you need help with installation then you can contact Red Band on 0116 26027601 or [email protected], Red Band are Husqvarna Forest & Garden Gold Dealers.