Husqvarna 420 Automower -Robotic Mower (area <2200m sq)

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The Husqvarna 420 Automower features terrain/slope capability, automatic passage handling, weather timer, ultrasilent drive, electric cutting height adjustment, spiral cutting, spot cutting and remote start points. This ultra-quiet, high capacity robotic mower handles complex shapes, narrow passages, steep slopes (max incline 45% (24o)) and is designed for lawns of up to 2200m2 (0.6 acres) - making it an ideal, credible alternative worth considering when replacing a small traditional ride on lawn mower.

If you need to calculate the size of area you need to cut, you can use Husqvarna's lawn size calculator. Just put your postcode in and you can draw a line around the space you want to cut. 

**N.B. Price excludes the supply of boundary wire, cramps, splicers and connectors which are required to install/operate the 420 Automower and which are available to buy as extras - SEE RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS BELOW for further details**

£2,038.80 £1,699.00
RRP £2,199.60
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£2,038.80 £1,699.00
RRP £2,199.60


Maximum Area Capacity 2200m2
Area Capacity per hour 90m2
Cutting Width/Height 24/2-6cm
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 18V/3.2Ah
Typical Charging Time 55min
Typical Mow Time (on one charge) 105min
Power consumption (during cutting) 30W +/-20%
Mean Energy Consumption (at max use) 17kWh/month
Noise Level (dB(A) guaranteed) 58dB(A)
Weight 11.5kg
Minimum Passage 60cm
Maximum Slope (inside installation) 45% (24o)
Maximum Slope (by boundary wire) 15%
Graphic Display Size Large
Extra Blades Included 9pcs
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Husqvarna Automowers feature razor-like, sharp cutting blades to finely and sympathetically cut the grass, returning the fine grass clippings to the lawn to become a natural fertilizer and in doing so, visually improve the appearance and condition of the lawn too.

If you need help with your installation then Red Band have forest and garden experts at our Leicester office. You're welcome to visit us to see one in the flesh or you can call our support team on 0116 2602601. We can even come and install for you if you live within 40 miles of Leicester. Our installation service includes a consultation and embedding the boundary wires. Costs vary


The 420 is capable of being upgraded with AUTOMOWER CONNECT 3 (optional extra - POA). The Connect 3 module allows full control of your Husqvarna Automower at all times - enabling the user to start, stop and park their Automower from the ease and convenience of their Smartphone - wherever you are. Additionally,Connect 3 can also be used to view and change the mower settings as well as receive alarms and tracks the mower's GPS position.

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