Lawn Size Calculator

When you buy a robotic mower you will need to establish which installation kit you need, which depends on the size of your lawn. Husqvarna installation kits include boundary/guide wires, splicers, pegs and connectors which map out the area of operation and help your robotic mower to know where to cut. On this page you can use the lawn size calculator to check which machine and install kit is suitable for you. 

Each model of robotic mower is designed for a particular area of operation, whether that is the size of the entire lawn or a particular section of the landscape designated for the mower. Some Automower users decide to keep using their ride on mower or garden tractor for part of the garden, and leave a section of property for the robotic mower to operate in. The lawn area size calculator below is a quick and easy way to measure your garden using state-of-the-art aerial mapping instead of having to physically measure the lawn. 

How To Use the Lawn Area Calculator


Click here to see the lawn area calculator in full screen. Husqvarna's online tool can help you determine the size of your mowing area. Just make sure your property appears within the centre of the aerial view and use the online tool to draw a shape around your garden. Then use this size, in square metres, to find the right machine for you. If you are purchasing more than one machine or you are only planning to mow part of your garden using a robotic mower, you can also use this tool to measure a portion of the property. Local councils and estate management companies are beginning to use Automowers on their land, and this tool is perfect for determining how much boundary wire you need.

How to measure your lawn

Do you prefer to measure manually rather than using the lawn size calculator? The basic calculation to determine the area size of a shape is to multiply the width by the length. However, most lawns aren't a perfect rectangle shape.

How to Measure Lawn Area | Red Band UK 

As very few lawns are a perfect square or rectangle, you can use this as a rough guide. If your garden is L shaped, you can work out the area size by adding two square areas together. For example, let's say area A is 24m² and area B is 20m². You would simply add the two numbers together to reach 44m².

However, the embedded lawn area calculator above is your best option.  We recommend adding about 10-20% to your calculation to account for deviations in the shape, as well as cordoning off areas that would be out of bounds to your Automower.

If you need assistance finding out the size of your lawn, please contact our Forest and Garden specialist on 0116 2602601 or start a live web chat on the website.