Husqvarna Automower® 310 Mk II Robotic Mower (lawns <1000m2)

The Husqvarna 310 Automower® Mark II is a high specification, high performing, multi-award winning robotic mower designed for lawns up to 1000m². It can also manage slopes up to 40% incline as well as lawns of greater complexity.

Automower® 310 Mk II - 1000m² working area. 56m² per hour. Max incline 40%/22°. Cutting height 20-50mm.

The 310 is highly regarded due to its compact 4-wheeled design and award winning combination of reliability, functionality, user friendliness, ease of operation, competitive price and terrain handling capabilities. Automower® Connect @ Home is also standard with the 310, which allows full mower control within a 30m Bluetooth range. Alternatively, this can be optionally upgraded to Automower® Connect which literally permits mower control from anywhere, at any time.

The 310 Mk II Automower® has been independently been awarded by PriceRunner ‘best robotic lawn mowerfor 3 consecutive years (2019, 2020 and 2021). Since receiving these highly regarded and trusted industry accolades the 310 has recently been uprated to the new and improved Mark II model, with even greater levels of reliability and performance.


The awards and accolades for the 310 Automower® keep coming, making 38th place in The Which? Top 50 products of the year 2022 

Learn how to install Automower® here.

Max working area 1000m² | 40%/22° slope capability | 20-50mm cutting height | Weatherproof | Automower® Connect @ Home | Weather timer | Systematic passage mowing | Frost guard | Hose washable | Anti-theft alarm | PIN code lock Lift & tilt sensors | Remote start points x 3 | Front sensor | Spot cutting | Spiral cutting | Balance and slope control |

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MPN 970 52 67-03
Maximum Area Capacity (+/-20%) 1000m²
Area Capacity per hour 60m²
Cutting Width/Height 22/2-5cm (20-50mm)
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 18V/2.1Ah
Typical Mow Time (on one charge) 70min
Typical Charging Time 60min
Maximum Daily Operating Time 16 hours
Power Consumption (during cutting) 20W (+/-20%)
Mean Energy Consumption (at max use) 8kWh/month
Noise Level dB(A) (measured/guaranteed) 58/60dB(A)
Product Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 57 x 43 x 25cm
Weight 9.4kg
Search System Triplesearch
Guide Wires 1
Area Complexity ●●○○○
Minimum Passage 60cm
Maximum Slope (inside installation) 40%
Maximum Slope (by boundary wire) 15%
Graphic Display Size Medium
Extra Blades Included 6pcs
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Principal Function(s)

  • Unattended mowing
  • Mow little but efficiently and frequently
  • Good performance even in wet weather
  • Healthy maintained lawn
  • More free time

How Does It Work?

A boundary wire is installed area the perimeter of the lawn area and around obstacles in the garden to be avoided, such as flower beds, trees, play equipment etc. This wire can either be pegged onto the surface of the lawn or buried beneath the surface, using an edging tool, spade or similar.

A patented guide wire is also which helps the mower find its way back to its charging/docking station when it needs to recharge or has completed its scheduled cutting cycle. This reduces the amount of time the mower spends searching to find its way back to its docking station, especially in more complex gardens.

The mower works within the boundaries you have established and defined to a schedule and time(s) determined by you, that best suit you. When mower needs re-energising during its cutting cycle, it simply makes its own and unassisted way back to its docking station, charges itself and once sufficiently powered up returns to continue cutting until it requires recharging again or its scheduled cutting cycle complete.

You decide when what days and what times you would like your Automower® to work to suit you, adjust the timer to whatever schedule you choose in the settings and then sit back, and let your mower do the rest! If you would like your mowing done when you get back from work, during the night whilst you sleep, on alternate days or only during the week whilst you are out, you can programme Automower® to do just that. It really is that easy and convenient. Don’t forget Automower® will even cut your grass in the wet when you simply would not venture out, or better still whilst you watch the football, go shopping or are away on holiday. A great way to save you time and money.

Automower® works on a unique and random cutting pattern, much like the same principle as sheep grazing do. This random, free movement pattern prevents track marks being caused by the mower repeatedly traversing in the same direction, along the same path, which is kinder to your lawn. It moves in a random pattern only making small cuts of fine clippings at a time. This produces not only a clean and even mow but also nourishes your lawn as it cuts and limits visible residue/grass clippings. The quiet, near silent operation means that you won’t disturb anyone around you whilst your mower cuts, unlike petrol powered machines.

Unlike conventional pedestrian and ride-on type mowers, Automower® uses 3 small, strong, carbon steel razor-sharp micro blades to cut grass, by effectively surgically manicuring your lawn. The blades are retractable and suspended beneath the body of the machine on a robust, rotating cutting disc. As a result the grass is cut more gently, more sympathetically than by the often blunt trauma grass is subjected to when cut with larger, considerably less sharp blades on conventional mowers. The grass is also cut gently from all directions and nourished by the micro-clippings produced being returned to the soil as mulch and a natural fertiliser, helping it to grow strong, fuller and healthier. The cutting method and principle Automower® uses to cut grass is also efficient in operation, consumes extremely low levels of energy and operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional lawnmowers.

Automatic charging

When Automower® needs more power, it simply returns itself back to its docking/charging station and reenergises itself. Once fully charged and ready to go, it will simply return itself back to work until its scheduled cutting cycle is complete.


Automower® is designed to work you and your lifestyle. You decide when you want it to mow and when you do not, and if you change your mind, it is quick, simple and easy to change your programmed schedule.


Automower® is designed to be used outside, unattended and around the clock, regardless of the weather conditions, even the wet. In the winter months and extreme temperatures it would be advised to keep your mower inside a garage or shed, whether its compact size and weight allows it to be easily and conveniently stored or even hung.

Automower® Connect @ Home

This Bluetooth® controlled solution provides full control Automower® control within a 30m operating range; you can easily send start, stop and park commands, as well and adjust other personal settings of your choosing to suit you. Alternatively you can opt to upgrade the controlling module installed at the time of purchase to Automower® Connect which allows you even greater control anytime, anywhere (subject to available connectivity).

Weather timer

This ingenious function adjusts the working time of Automower® to suit the lawn’s rate of growth, thereby optimising mowing time during periods of increased grass growth. In sunnier and drier weather or late in the season, Automower® will spend less time mowing and in doing so, decrease lawn and mower wear.

Systematic passage mowing

In order to deliver excellent cutting results across the entirety of the lawn, Automower® can be set to automatically switch mowing pattern from random mode to systematic mode which senses and navigates the mower through narrow spaces, such as between flower beds etc, varying the route to avoid unpleasant track marks.

Frost guard

This function automatically interrupts the mowing schedule in frosty conditions for the betterment of the lawn.

Hose washable

Keeping your Automower® clean and presentable could not be easier. The exterior and underside of your Automower® can be quickly and conveniently washed down with a garden hose.

Anti-theft alarm/PIN code lock

Each Automower® has a unique PIN code for added protection and security. Settings can only be changed and the audible alarm deactivated using its unique PIN.

Lift & tilt sensors

If Automower® is lifted off the ground or tips over, the cutting action of the mower automatically shuts off and stops. The rotating Automower® blades are also purposely positioned to sit within the underside and shielded part of the mower and far from the outer edge of the mower body for additional safety. If Automower® meets an obstacle whilst mowing the lawn, like a garden pot or ornament for example, it will simply and gently stop, redirect itself and travel in a different direction.

Remote start points x 3

This functions allows mowing in three different locations along the patented guide wire installed, say the front and rear garden of a property with no connecting lawn between the two for the mower to travel on. The mower can simply be manually carried from one location to the other and put to work. It will need to be manually returned to the docking station to recharge or when it has finished cutting the secondary area.

Front sensor

A sensor mounted to the front of the mower detects in advance upcoming obstacles in its intended direction of travel and takes preventive measures to avoid collision.

Spot cutting

Special mode to quickly mow a limited area of longer grass. This feature is especially useful for areas beneath for example garden furniture, play equipment etc, once the obstruction(s) have been removed allowing free and unobstructed movement of the mower. Simply place the mower in the desired area and choose the Spot cutting mode. The mower will then mow in tight spirals and when finished resume in automatic mode.

Spiral cutting

Automatic cutting function which determines a variation in grass height and mows the area in a spiral motion until the grass is cut and reduced to a uniform length.

Easy adjustable height control

Changing the desired cutting height of your grass is quick and easy to do, simply turn the one large and conveniently located knob to the incrementally indicated cutting height you require.

Backlit graphic display menu control

Backlit dashboard mounted high resolution, medium-sized display control panel with graphic menu structure. Easy to use with self-explaining set up.

Quiet in operation/Environmentally friendly

Thanks to the combination of its li-ion battery power and unique cutting system, Automower® is very quiet and discreet in operation reducing noise-pollution. Your neighbours often will not even be aware that Automower® is at work; day, night, early or late. Automower® is also environmentally friendly as it produces no CO2 emissions and consumes extremely low levels of energy.

Manages slopes up to 40%/22o

Thanks to the compact size, lightweight, chassis design and large coarse-tread drive wheels for optimised traction and balance even on slippery surfaces, the 310 has the ability to work on slopes up to 40%/22o and on undulating, uneven ground too.