How Do You Install Robotic Mowers?

How Do You Install Robotic Mowers?

Buying a robotic lawn mower is the latest gardening gadget and the most efficient way to maintain your lawn. There are several models of Automower® to choose from, but have you thought about how to get set up?

Installing your Automower®

After we have assessed the property and established the area of mower operation, we then embed the boundary wires, set up the machine and test its operation to ensure it can run to and from the base docking station. If your lawn contains water features, trees or dividing pathways, the installation and consultation ensures that the robotic mower only operates where it is safe to do so.

Here are the basic steps to take when installing an Automower®:

Set up the docking station

Find a good spot for your charging and docking station in your garden. This area needs to be away from direct sunlight and out of the range of sprinklers or regularly hosed areas.

Charge your Automower®

Connect the machine to your docking station and allow it to charge for up to 100 minutes. Ensure the path to your docking station is clear for the mower to drive in and charge automatically.

Place the boundary wire

Attach the boundary wire around the edges of the lawn or operating area using the supplied pegs. Ensure this wire is laid close enough to the ground to avoid tripping. Dealer installs would lay the boundary wire beneath the surface of the turf.

Place the guide wire

In the same way that you have installed the boundary wire, lay a length of the wire from the furthest part of your cutting area to the docking station. You should now see three wires coming from the station including both ends of the boundary loop.

Let it Mow

Your new Automower® should now be ready for its maiden voyage across your garden. Please ensure that your lawn is not overgrown, as robotic mowers are not designed to handle grass that hasn't been cut in a long time

Automower® Installation Service

Red Band UK are an authorised Husqvarna Forest & Garden dealer, offering an installation service for customers in the Midlands. If your home or business property is in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire or the West Midlands then Red Band’s mower specialists can conduct site visits, consultations and installation. We can install the full range of Husqvarna mowers on properties of all shapes and sizes, and our pricing depends on the specifics of each particular job.

Do you need a roof for your docking station? Do you have sloped or uneven areas in your garden? We can look at every concern you have and make sure you get the most out of your fantastic new machine. We can even install more than one mower at the same property for alternating or synchronised operation.

Depending on the model of machine you buy, there will be some technical setup involved, including pairing your mower with the relevant smartphone app. Our experienced technicians can complete this process for you and make sure your robotic mower is working perfectly.

To enquire about having a new Automower® installed, please call us on 0116 2602601, or email [email protected] or start a web chat on . If you’re in the Leicestershire area during office hours you can even come in and see the latest models in the flesh!

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