Husqvarna FS413 18-20” Floor Saw - Petrol

The Husqvarna FS413 is a strong and robust multi-purpose floor saw ideal for a wide variety of small to medium sized service and repair jobs in both concrete and asphalt surfaces, up to a maximum depth of 189mm.

It is an impressive saw throughout, with both right and left hand cutting capability for added product versatility.

It has a comprehensive dashboard console with engine throttle control, emergency stop switch, tachometer, a patent-pending spring -assisted screw feed blade adjustment, a cutting depth lock and cutting depth indicator available the operators finger tips for added convenience. It even has a small toolbox crafted within its frame.

The FS413 also has a patent-pending blade shaft and engine mounting system which reduces both the overall operating vibration levels and produces a better cutting performance. Its patented IntelliSeal blade shaft systems allows a minimum of 250 maintenance-free hours of operation and eliminates the need for daily greasing of the bearings too.

The FS 413 is suitable for both contractor and rental use alike.

FS413 (Honda petrol) - (13.0Hp/9.7kW). 450/500mm blade capacity. 162/189mm maximum depth of cut. 139kg.

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MPN 965 15 01-02
Engine Honda GX390 Petrol
Gross Power 13.0Hp/9.7kW
Nett Power 11.7Hp/8.7kW
Fuel Tank Volume 6.1 Litres
Blade Capacity 450mm/18" - 500mm/20"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 162mm - 189mm
Side of Cut Right and Left hand side
Vibration Level (Left/Right Handle) 2.9m/sec² / 3/4m/sec²
Dimensions (W x H x L) 655 x 1200 x 1550mm
Water Tank Capacity 25 Litres
Weight 139kg
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The FS413 also has a large and robust polyurethane water tank which facilitates wet cutting. It is also equipped with a water fitting to which a hose pipe can be quickly and easily connected to. The engine and blade shaft mounting of the saw is designed to increase operator comfort and provide excellent cutting performance.

It is suitable for a wide variety of floor cutting and road sawing applications, including small road repair jobs, patching, reinstatement works, cutting concrete floor slabs, creating expansion joints, cutting trenches, cutting out channels for cabling, induction loops etc.

It features an adjustable vibration dampened handlebar which provides a closer and more comfortable working position to the cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts. To further aid cutting, the saw is equipped with an adjustable front pointer which projects out of the front of the machine making it simple and easy for the operator to follow the desired line of cut. Achieving the desired cutting depth is easy with the FS413 too, thanks to its innovative, clearly visible and easy to read dashboard mounted cutting depth indicator. Maintaining the desired cutting depth is easy work too thanks to the dashboard mounted cutting depth lock.

It is a strong saw with a protective frame, which also contains an integrated conveniently located central lift point further aids the portability and transportation of the saw.

The FS 413 is recommended for use with 18”/450mm and 20”/500mm diameter diamond blades, and used to cut a wide variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, concrete, asphalt over concrete, asphalt etc.