Clipper CS451 14/18” Low Vib Floor Saw - Petrol

The Norton Clipper CS451 is THE No. 1 selling floor saw in its class and has one of the lowest low hand arm vibration (HAV) levels in class too. Not only does this meet modern safety standards, it reduces operator HAV exposure levels by up to 40%. The Clipper CS451 can be used with either 14”/350mm, 16”/400mm or 18”/450mm diameter diamond blades.

The CS 451 is suitable for cutting asphalt, green concrete, cured concrete surfaces and reinforced concrete floor slabs. This market leading floor saw is now available with the choice of two petrol engines, the Honda GX390 (11.7Hp), or the new, more powerful Kohler Command PRO CH 440 (13.4Hp).

The Kohler PRO CH440 engine not only provides 14% more power than its Honda counterpart, it also has 16% more torque (30.8Nm v 26.5Nm), a larger capacity fuel tank (7L v 6.1L) which increases its cutting range by up to 15% more  and requires less downtime being refuelled. The engine warranty provided by Kohler is also a longer 3 years from date of purchase than the 2 years provided by Honda.

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MPN 70184631908 70184628433
Engine Kohler Command PRO CH440 Honda GX390
Nett Power 13.4Hp/10Kw 11.7Hp/8.7Kw
Torque (@ 2800rpm) 30.8Nm 26.5Nm
Blade Capacity 14"/350mm - 18"/450mm 14"/350mm - 18"/450mm
Cutting Depth 125mm - 170mm 125mm - 170mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1180 x 538 x 1040mm 1180 x 538 x 1040mm
Water Tank Capacity 25 Litres 25 Litres
Weight 113.5kg 112kg
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The highly versatile CS451 can be used to perform a wide range of cutting applications. The compact size, high degree of manoeuvrability, high power to size/weight ratio of the CS451 makes it an ideal road saw ideal for a variety of small road repair jobs, patching, reinstatement works, cutting trenches for pipe laying, creating expansion in concrete floors and cutting out channels for impedance loops and cable laying. 

Tested according to the latest European Standard, EN12096/EN13862, the vibration level recorded for the CS451 was one of the lowest in the market and allows the user to operate the machine all day whilst remaining inside the recommended HAV exposure level.

The CS451 has crank handle depth adjustment and adjustable handle bars which provide the operator with an ergonomic and comfortable working position, whatever the cutting depth.

The CS451 has a 25 litre, high capacity, removable polyurethane water tank, making it ideal for the wet and dry cutting of concrete and asphalt.

• Cutting on right hand side only
• Frame and handlebar equipped with vibration absorbers
• Height and width handlebar adjustment
• Depth indication gauge