Husqvarna DS250 Core Drill Stand

The Husqvarna DS250 is a user-friendly, mid-sized, lightweight drill stand with a combination base plate (vacuum and anchor fitting) and the ideal choice for core drilling applications up to 250mm diameter.

This highly versatile stand is easy to handle, transport and setup. Its carriage features single and double gearing for optimum drilling efficiency and four guide rollers for smoother, straighter hole production. The drill column is quick and easy to tilt for angle drilling applications (90 to 60°).

The DS 250 ATS has a mounting plate which provides quick and easy motor mounting and setup, whilst the soft grip handle and wheel transportation wheel kit further aids its portability to and around site. It is also supplied with a vacuum seal kit.

Recommended for use with the Husqvarna DM220 core drill motor.

Can also be used with the Husqvarna DM230 and DM540i (and other drill motors with a 60mm round end fitting) by the addition of the optional ring adaptor.

DS250 - (16kgs). Maximum core bit diameter: 250mm.

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MPN 966827301
Maximum Core Bit Capacity 250mm
Maximum Column Travel 685mm
Angle Range 0-60º
Weight 16kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £579.00

The DS250 is equipped with guide rollers which ensure smooth movement of the motor carriage and with it, cleaner and straighter holes. The column is made from aluminium to reduce weight without compromising the quality or performance of the drill stand and has a clear, highly visible graduated scale on either side of it which allows the operator to easily identify the drilling depth, as well as a similar scale on the back of the column which indicates the working angle of the stand too.

The spring loaded winding handle/crack can be mounted on either side of the column, permitting left or right hand operation. The same handle can simply be removed to act as a convenient tool kit for the stand, for adjusting levelling bolts on the base plate or tilting the angle of the stand. It really is ingenious in design and simplistic to use. The stand also features a clearly visible spirit bubble which makes levelling of the base plate easier to identify and a parking brake which can safely lock the carriage into a fixed position when be carried or transported.

The combination base plate can either be anchored bolted into its desired working position, or surface depending, held by vacuum using a suitable vacuum pump like the Husqvarna VP200.