Husqvarna DM230 Core Drill Motor -110V Electric

The DM230 is a newly developed powerful (1850W), three speed, highly adaptable core drill motor which can be used for wet and dry, rig mounted and hand held core drilling applications.

The DM 230 has been primarily designed for wet drilling, but can be fitted with an adaptor that enables it to be used for occasional dry drilling. 

To use this machine with a DS250 drill stand, you need the additional ring adaptor, which can be bought using the dropdown option on this page. 

The DM230 is small, compact and lightweight, making it ideal for drilling a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, brick and other masonry materials up to 150mm diameter in walls, floors and roofs, and can also be used for stitch drilling applications and drilling close to walls/edges. 

For best results we recommend wet drilling. You can now save money by adding a Husqvarna pressurised water tank or WT15i battery powered water pump as well as a host of other accessories. Just use the dropdown menu on this page.

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MPN 968411101
Voltage 110V Electric
Motor Size 1850W
Maximum Core Capacity 150mm
Weight 7kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £960.00

The DM230 is designed to be used for handheld drilling wet cores up to 80mm diameter, and 150mm when rig mounted, on the DS150ATS and the DS40 Gyro drill stands. This Husqvarna drill is designed for lighter drilling applications such as small channels and pipes, electrical sockets and telecom cables, anchoring, ventilation and gas supply pipes.

The DM 230 has been specifically designed with a soft rear section and with a larger contact area so as to sit better against the body of the operator and ergonomic buttons and controls which are easy to reach.

The DM230 is also modular and therefore as a result, easy to repair.

1 1/4“ UNC male external and 1/2” BSP female internal motor spindle/output shaft.

The DM230 is designed for use with a 25mm wet diamond core bit and the Husqvarna DS150ATS drill stand.

• Water cooled gearbox, where the water passes through the spindle, thus extending life of gearbox and gaskets, and provides optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals
• Softstart - electronic current limiter ensures a softer start and means full speed is reached about two seconds after start
• Elgard – an innovative electronic overload protection which uses pulsation to indicate when the machine is overloaded, thereby extending product life
• When making a hole or cutting through reinforcement, the operating speed can be reduced by half using the built-in SmartStart electronic rpm control
• Supplied complete in a protective carry case