Battipav EGO-PLUS 12-14" Masonry Saw - 110V

The EGO Plus is the classic intermittent use masonry saw for the building sector.

It is a strong and compact saw which is suitable for cutting a wide range of bricks, stones, masonry materials and concrete products. It is also highly portable, easy to setup, transport and store thanks to its incorporated wheel kit and innovative folding leg design.

It features an unusually generous 800mm cutting length together with an adjustable, spring loaded, locakable cutting head which can quickly and easily be angled to 45° for mitre cuts up to 80mm (with a 14” dia. blade), without the need of additional accessories or guides.

The blade guard of the EGO includes a patented water spray system and is insulated to lower operating noise levels. Ideal for intermittent use.

EGO-PLUS (110V 1ph) - (2.7Hp/2.0kW). Max cutting length 800mm. Max depth of cut 80/110mm. 69kg.

Minimum 16A, 3kVA Continuous or 5kVA Intermittent supply. See our transformer guide for more info.

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MPN 8000J/A
Motor Power 2.7Hp/2.0kW
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse 16A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer 3kVA Continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Blade Capacity 300mm/12" / 350mm/14"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth (90º) 80mm / 110mm
Maximum Cutting Depth (45°) 65mm / 80mm
Maximum Material Height 250mm
Maximum Cutting Length 800mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 620 x 1260 x 1120mm
Table Size (W x L) 500 x 450mm
Weight 69kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £833.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The EGO PLUS has a large and stable work table with a sliding anti-tilt carriage equipped with 6 adjustable wheels and 8 ball bearings which makes it not only to slide in and out, it also promotes accurate and precise cutting. The work table/conveyor cart also additionally features a cart locking device which can be quickly manually engaged for safe transportation.

The adjustable cutting head is spring loaded and can be locked quickly and easily into a desired working height, or simply angled for mitre/angle cutting. An easy to access adjusting screw allows the use of 300mm/12” or 350mm/14” diameter blades (with a 25.4mm/1” dia. bore).

The EGO is equipped with a submersible water pump which enables water to be efficiently recirculated from the bed of the saw for wet cutting applications, The bed/tray of the saw is easy to empty and clean.

It is highly portable, with two sets of carrying handles, one pair at the front and another at the  rear of the saw, together with 100mm diameter transport wheels for use on hard surfaces and innovative folding legs, which allows easy setup and dismantling after use. The two sets of handles enable two men to either carry the saw or one person to effectively tow/wheel it.

The blade guard of the EGO is easy to access (no tools required), which permits quick and easy blade exchange. The guard is lined on the inside with a layer of insulation foam which reduces the whistling sound made from the cutting blade whilst spinning, ideal when being used in urban and other noise sensitive areas.

Battipav are a well-respected and highly regarded Italian manufacturer of quality construction equipment, who have specialised in the production of tile cutting machines and wet saws for the building sector for over forty years. They are also the largest producer of submersible pumps used in the manufacture of wet saws today. Italy is considered by many to be the home of natural stones (granite, marble etc) and Italian equipment manufacturers are highly regarded because of their conversancy and experience cutting hard materials and stones used in construction.