Fresno Broom

The Fresno Broom consists of a narrow, thin tempered blue steel blade to which a broom assembly is connected to enabling a textured brush, non-slip finish of concrete flatwork.

This special product combination is highly favoured for its consistency of finish it can produce, which is considered superior to that achieved with a standard broom only. The principle is simple. The fine float blade is pushed over the concrete to improve the surface consistency and the brush applied on the back stroke to apply the actual brush finish.

The standard Fresno Broom assembly consists of the fresno blade itself, complete with associated fittings and texturing broom.

A choice of two Fresno Brooms is available; 900mm/3ft and 1200mm/4ft. 

Each blade has a uniform width of 125mm/5” and curved ends to eliminate lap marks, regardless of blade length.

Fresno Brooms blades can be supplied with a choice of 3 easy to fit, tilt-action swivel knuckleheads; the highly popular K2 (lightweight, durable composite construction), a heavier cast alloy alternative or the MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead.

Snap handles are then simply snapped together and connected to the mounted knucklehead until the working reach required is achieved.  Each snap handle is 1830mm (6ft) in length and incredibly lightweight (<1kg each).

The same knucklehead gearboxes and snap handles used with the fresno broom are also fully interchangeable and compatible with a wide variety of other manual concrete finishing tools, including bull / easy floats, fresno brooms, big blue gliders and channel radius floats.


Pick your fresno size, add your knucklehead of choice, the number of snap handles you require and why not a carry case to aid portability of handles to and around the jobsite?

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  900mm (3ft) 1200mm (4ft)
Blade Size (L x W) 900 x 125mm 1200 x 125mm
Blade Only Weight 7kg* 8kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £150.00 £172.50

*Add 0.9kg for weight of K2 Composite knucklehead, 1.85kg for cast alloy knucklehead and 1.25kg for MagVibe Pro GEN 3.

The Fresno Broom is a highly popular, lightweight, simplistic, efficient and easy to use concrete finishing tool.

Mistakenly users sometimes attempt to apply a broom to other concrete tools to achieve a brush finish on an effective shoe string.

The problem typically in such instances is that bull floats, big blues etc are designed to achieve a given purpose and can smooth the surface too much (or not enough as the case may be in other instances) affecting the efficacy of the broom when applied.

The Fresno Broom blade is simply fitted to an optional knucklehead of choice to which a number of snap handles are effortlessly connected to provide the operator with the working reach they require. Each knucklehead contains an integral swivel gearbox mechanism which enables the operator to easily change its pitch as the blade is pushed out and drawn back over the work surface. The same knucklehead can then be removed and attached if necessary to a different concrete finishing tool, like a bull / easy floats, big blue gliders, channel radius floats etc.

The addition of the MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead will transform any manual concrete float into a high performance, high frequency, vibrating professional float. MagVibe high frequency knucklehead