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Magnesium Bull Float / Easy Float

The magnesium bull float, also known as an easy float, is a general purpose tool designed to smooth and improve the surface of concrete flat work, and are made from extruded magnesium which offers strength, durability, manageability at a lightweight.

The blade of the bull float is curved (‘bull’ nosed) at the ends to prevent digging of the work surface and eliminate lap marks.

Requires swivel knucklehead gearbox and 1800mm snap together handles for use. First choose your blade size, then handles and knucklehead.

This can be used with the same knucklehead and snap handles from our other concrete finishing tools, or you can choose your own configuration below.

Additional individual handles (1800mm long each) can be chosen from the dropdown options.

£81.00 £67.50
Optional Extras


900mm/3ft 1200mm/4ft 1500mm/5ft
Blade size, mm 900 x 200 1200 x 200 1500 x 200
Blade length, feet 3 4 5
Blade Weight, kg 5 6 7
Knucklehead Weight, kg 1 1 1
Our Price (Exc.VAT) From 67.50 From 75.00 From 90.00

This bull float features a bull-nosed, contoured blade which helps to prevent lap marks and surface digging. 

• Easy to use

• Fits knucklehead gearbox that allows the blade to be effortlessly pushed and pulled across the work surface

• Fits our standard aluminium snap handles (select from dropdown)

• Lightweight and easy to transport

You can now choose to buy the components of the bull float separately. Please see the other items here