Channel Radius Float - 4, 5, 6 & 10ft

Channel radius floats are combination manual concrete finishing tools commonly used on large flood pours of wet concrete, high tolerance flooring and other concrete finishing jobs that require an especially flat surface.

They feature a twin-edge design which improves the flatness of the concrete by both levelling and smoothing it - two processes, one tool.

Channel radius floats are easy and highly-productive to use and are equipped with round ends to prevent surface gouging.

A choice of four Channel Radius Floats is available; 1220mm/4ft, 1524mm/5ft, 1829mm/6ft and 3048mm/10ft.. 

Each float has a uniform width of 153mm/6” and curved ends to eliminate lap marks, regardless of blade length. The 3048mm/10ft channel radius is additionally equipped with outriggers for extra bracing and improved operator control.

Channel radius floats can be supplied with a choice of 2 easy to fit, tilt-action swivel knuckleheads; a cast alloy manual knucklehead, or alternatively the MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead. These same knuckleheads are also fully compatible and interchangeable with a variety of other manual concrete finishing tools, including bull / easy floats, big blue glider trowels and fresno brooms.

Snap handles which each measure 1830mm/6ft each are then easily added to the chosen knucklehead to extend the working reach of the tool as required.

Pick your channel radius size, add your knucklehead of choice, the number of snap handles you require and why not a carry case to aid portability of float, knucklehead and handles to and around the jobsite?

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Specifications 4ft Channel Radius 5ft Channel Radius 6ft Channel Radius 10ft Channel Radius
MPN CF40 CF41 CF42 CF43
Blade Size (L x W) 1220 x 153mm 1524 x 153mm 1829 x 153mm 3048 x 153mm
Blade Only Weight 3.3kg 4.2kg 5.0kg 8.3kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £120.00 £141.00 £168.00 £264.00

*Add 2.0kg weight of outriggers and 1.85kg for cast alloy knucklehead or 1.25kg for MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead.

The addition of the MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead will transform any manual concrete float into a high performance, high frequency, vibrating professional float. MagVibe high frequency knucklehead