Altrad Belle DUO 350X Twin Blade 14” Floor Saw - Petrol

The Belle DUO 350X is a twin blade 14” that has been specifically designed for micro-trenching works and heavy contract use.

The strong, robustly made floor saw can be used with 2 x 14”/350mm diameter blades made simultaneously, enabling it to produce two cuts in constant parallel to each other, a fixed 100mm apart and to a maximum 120mm deep. This results in less surface disruption, less environmental impact, less time and money to make good.

The narrow, comparatively cuts produced are ideally suited for installing microducts, cabling, induction loops, fibre optics. Altrad Belle have also engineered a range of custom extension feet for use with their RTX60 rammer which compliment the narrow cut/trench produced by the DUO350X.

DUO 350X (Honda petrol) - (13.0Hp/9.7kW). 14”/350mm blade capacity (x2). 120mm maximum depth of cut. 120kg.

*The DUO 350X can also be used with a single blade as a conventional floor saw.

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Engine Honda GX390 Petrol
Gross Power 13.0Hp/9.7kW
Nett Power 11.7Hp/8.7kW
Maximum Blade Capacity 350mm/14" Dia. (x 2)
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 120mm
Dual Blade Spacing 100mm (fixed)*
Side of Cut Right hand side only
Vibration Level 3.60m/sec²
Dimensions (W x H x L) 618 x 1019 x 870mm
Water Tank Capacity 25 Litres
Weight 120kg
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Whilst the DUO 350X has been developed to be used with two blades simultaneously ideal for trench cutting, it can also be used with a single blade and used as a conventional 14” floor saw.

Besides its innovative twin blade capabilities, the DUO350X is an impressive floor saw in its own right, strongly and robustly constructed to survive heavy contract use, it is also packed with many performance and safety enhancing design features as standard.

The DUO 350X has a convenient foot operated cutting depth adjustment for speed, simplicity and safety, a valuable feature when time is money. A pedal at rear of the saw positioned near ground level is simply pressed by the foot of the user to lower the cutting depth of the saw.

The blade guard of the saw has been developed so as to never expose the blade(s) for enhanced safety. The main handle of the saw has a patented vibration dampening design, not only lowering operator Hand Arm Vibration levels, but also increasing the amount of time the saw can used safely by an operator.

The capacious 25 litre water tank of the saw is made from a hardened plastic and can either be easily removed for refilling. Alternatively, the wide neck of the tank enables easy filling without the tank being removed from the saw itself. An integral water level on the tank is clearly visible from the operating position, allowing the user to keep a visible eye on when the tank requires refilling, instead of when the water runs out and the saw cuts dry, creating airborne dust.

The DUO 350X has also neem designed to fit in the rear of a small van to aid transportation.

Altrad Belle have created a range of products specifically to compliment each other and are designed specifically for micro-trenching. The DUO 350X twin blade floor saw is part of the micro-trenching solution and used in conjunction with the Belle RTX60M rammer, with a range of 4 narrow feet of various heights to more efficiently compact the narrow trench produced. They are 80 x 160mm, 80 x 260mm, 100 x 160mm and 100 x 325mm. Alternatively, the same rammer can also be used a choice of 3 standard rammer feet (165, 230 or 280mm wide).