Belle 350X Duo Floor Saw and RTX60 Microtrenching Rammer Package

This floor saw and trench rammer package is ideal for microtrenching work when you need to cut narrow trenches for laying cables. In this package you get:

Belle Duo 350X twin blade petrol floor saw

Belle RTX60 petrol trench rammer with micro-trenching extension foot

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The Belle Duo 350X is a unique floor saw in that it works with two 14" diamond blades at once. This enables two cuts to be made simultaneously, spaced 100mm apart. Aside from the time and labour you save by cutting two trenches in one pass, you can be sure that both cuts are exactly parallel to each other.

The environmental impact is reduced when making two cuts at once because, although there is the impact noise of two blades rather than one, the work can be carried out more quickly. This reduces the disruption caused by road maintenance and returns the area to normal use sooner.

The Duo 350X is fitted with a 25 litre water tank for wet cutting, and you can use single-blade mode for when you only need to make one cut. 

Together with this twin-blade road saw is a heavy-duty petrol trench rammer.

The Belle RTX60 petrol trench rammer is Altrad Belle's flagship ramming machine with high levels of durability and performance.

As with other Belle products, the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to reduce hand-arm vibration levels (HAV) and ensure user comfort. 

You can choose between two lengths of micro-trenching foot; 160mm or 260mm. 

When used together, the floor saw and trench rammer are ideal for laying copper and fibre cables beneath roads and paths.