Altrad Belle DUO 350X & RTX60M Micro-Trenching Package

The Belle micro-trenching system has been specifically designed to provide a faster, less disruptive, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly of creating shallow, narrow trenches in existing hardscapes associated with installing pipework, ducting, induction loops, fibre optics, cabling etc. Such works often require lengths of small diameter product being submerged at a shallow level below ground and the surface making good thereafter.

Historically such works typically involved two sawn edges a digger bucket width apart, which was slow, time consuming, more disruptive and required far greater ground and surface disruption. The cost of reinstatement and materials was also greater too.

The Belle DUO 350X is a twin-bladed 14” floor saw enables two cuts (a fixed 100mm apart) to be produced simultaneously and in constant parallel to each other. The maximum depth of cut achievable with a DUO350X is 120mm. The cut produced is then excavated, works conducted and made good, with the specially adapted RTX60M with its choice of custom engineered extension feet used to compact the narrow, shallow trench produced.

Our package consists of a Belle DUO 350X twin-blade floor saw complete with a Belle RTX60M trench rammer at an attractive, cost-reduced price.

DUO350X (Honda petrol) - (13.0Hp/9.7kW). 14”/350mm blade capacity (x2). 120mm maximum depth of cut. 120kg.

RTX60M (4-Stroke Honda petrol) - (3.0Hp/2.3kW). Choice of 4 custom extension feet. 13.6kN centrifugal force. 65kg.

*The DUO 350X can also be used with a single blade as a conventional floor saw and the RTX60M with standard feet and used as a conventional rammer.

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MPN DSXA01      
Engine Honda GX390 Petrol      
Gross Power 13.0Hp/9.7kW      
Nett Power 11.7Hp/8.7kW      
Maximum Blade capacity 350mm/14" Dia. (x2)      
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"      
Maximum Cutting Depth 120mm      
Dual Blade Spacing 100mm (fixed)*      
Side of Cut Right hand side only      
Vibration Level 3.60m/sec²      
Dimensions (W x H x L) 618 x 1019 x 870mm      
Water Tank Capacity 25 Litres      
Weight 120kg      

  RTX60M 80 x 160  RTX60M 80 x 260 RTX60M 100 x 160 RTX60M 100 x 325
MPN RTX60M80X160 RTX60M80X260 RTX60M100X160 RTX60M100X325
Engine Honda GX100 Petrol Honda GX100 Petrol Honda GX100 Petrol Honda GX100 Petrol
Nett Power 3.0Hp/2.3Kw 3.0Hp/2.3Kw 3.0Hp/2.3Kw 3.0Hp/2.3Kw
Foot Size (W x H) 80 x 160mm 80 x 260mm 100 x 160mm 100 x 325mm
Centrifugal Force 13.6kN 13.6kN 13.6kN 13.6kN
Blows per Min 450-660 450-660 450-660 450-660
Dimensions (W x H x L) 345 x 975 x 705mm 345 x 975 x 705mm 345 x 975 x 705mm 345 x 975 x 705mm
Weight 61kg 63kg 62kg 64kg
Package Price (Exc.VAT) £4,360.00 £4,420.00 £4,420.00 £4,479.00


As part of the micro-trenching system, Altrad Belle have created the DUO 350X, a 14” dual bladed floor saw with a fixed 100mm cutting width, enabling a fixed width shallow trench to be efficiently and consistently produced, the perfect partner and accompaniment for use with the RTX60M.

The Belle RTX60M trench rammer features a custom engineered range of interchangeable feet specifically designed for micro-trenching applications, allowing the shallow, narrow trenches produced to be quick and efficiently compacted. There are four dedicated extension feet that have been produced for the RTX 60M for micro-trenching. They are 80 x 160mm, 80 x 260mm, 100 x 160mm and 100 x 325mm. Alternatively, the same rammer can also be used a choice of 3 standard rammer feet (165, 230 or 280mm wide).

The DUO350X twin-bladed floor saw has been specifically adapted to enable two 14”/350mm diameter diamond blades to be mounted and used simultaneously to produce a fixed 100mm wide cut, with each cut in constant parallel to the other. The maximum depth of cut achieveable if 120mm. This is ideal for efficiently producing the cuts required to produce the narrow and shallow trench required to install microducting, cabling, fibre optics, induction loops etc.

Producing micro trenches which are narrower and shallower causes less environmental disruption, requires less materials to infill and reinstate too. The consequential benefits are many, as are the cost and labour savings.

*The DUO350X can also be used with a single blade and used as a conventional 14” floor saw.

Both the DUO350X and RTX60M rammer have low Hand Arm Vibration enabling them to be used in combination for greater periods of safe use for maximum productivity.