Husqvarna LT5005 Trench Rammer

The Husqvarna LT5005 is lightweight, powerful rammer, yet well-balanced rammer designed for the efficient compaction of granular and cohesive soils such as clay and silt.

It is ideal for use in trenches, narrow spaces and for compacting small surface areas alike. It is also ideal for compacting areas around pillars, pipes and other obstacles too.

The LT 5005 offers superb control, low noise, low emission and is equipped with the latest Honda GXR120 engine which has been specifically designed for rammers.

LT5005 (4-Stroke Honda Petrol) - (3.6Hp/2.7kW). Choice of two models available with either a 150 or 230mm foot.

Why not add an optional transport device to your purchase to enhance the portability of your LT5005 to and around site?

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  LT5005-6 LT5005-9
MPN 967 85 46-04 967 85 46-03
Engine Honda GXR120 Petrol Honda GXR120 Petrol
Nett Power 3.6Hp/2.7kW 3.6Hp/2.7kW
Foot Size 150 x 332mm (W x L) 230 x 332mm (W x L)
Foot Width 150mm (6") 230mm (9")
Dimensions 726 x 345 x 1025mm (L x W x H) 726 x 345 x 1025mm (L x W x H)
Frequency 12Hz 12Hz
Travel Speed 15-18m/min 15-18m/min
Vibration Level 6.4m/sec² 6.4m/sec²
Weight 61kg 62kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1,575.00 £1,629.00

The ergonomic and balanced design of the LT5005 makes it is easy to use, control and service.

It features a three-position throttle control (idle, full speed, stop/closed) which also closes the fuel line to prevent leakage. Access to all service points is quick and easy (including oil level checking of both engine and foot (air filter cleaning/replacing)).

With excellent traction and manoeuvrability, combined with a compact, durable chassis and a powerful Honda engine, efficient compaction with high speed and high compact force is assured.

The LT5005 is also equipped with an hour meter, air filter indicator ad oil warning indicator as standard.